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EBOOK Á The Child Manuela õ On the death of her mother, Manuela von Meinhardis is sent to a repressive school where affection and all weaker emotions are outlawed In this regime only Fraulein von Bernburg offers tenderness and love, and for that both she and Manuela must suffer This Is Just Beautiful.The best lesbian classic novel ever. For the first time in my life I finished a book, closed it and set it on my nightstand, stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, and fell asleep I have nothing passionate to say Or perhaps I do, but I can t bring myself to write these ideas in a public forum The novel clears up many of the ambiguities of the 1958 film, and it answers many questions I was unaware I carried with me It continues to haunt my thoughts as my mind works out just what it has taken in The book is a masterpiece. Das war das lesbischste, was ich je gelesen habe und ich habe jede Sekunde genossen 10 10 would read again. Jesus F ing Christ Literally the most coherent thought I have about this book This Book.