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[[ Read Book ]] ó The Cerebellum: A New Zone in Scalp Acupuncture ó The Cerebellum Home The Cerebellum benefits neuroscientists in molecular and cellular biology neurophysiologists researchers in neurotransmission neurologists radiologists paediatricians neuropsychologists students of neurology and psychiatry and others A dedicated source for news and research results on the cerebellum and its role in ataxia and other disorders Spans a broad range of fields including The Cerebellum Brain for an Implicit SelfThe cerebellum has traditionally been understood as a modulator of the quality of movement this text makes the links very direct and clear as to what the cerebellum does for movement, it does for a range of other functions as well Each chapter, while starting out with basic information, provides the underpinning for the understanding of the next chapter It should be emphasized that allCerebellum Facts, Function, Location, and Disorders The cerebellum is located at the base of your skull where your head meets your neck The function of the cerebellum is primarily focused on movement and balance It also plays a role in cognitiveCerebellum Anatomy, function, and disorders The cerebellum is the part that handles many aspects of movement This article provides a brief summary of the anatomy, purpose, and disorders of the cerebellum, as well as offering tips onWhat Is the Cerebellum Verywell Mind When looking at the brain, the cerebellum looks much like a smaller structure separate from the brain, found beneath the hemispheres of the cerebral cortex The cerebellum consists of a cortex covering white matter, as well as a ventricle filled with fluid It is also Cerebellum Anatomy, Functions, Pathways Geeky The cerebellum is a portion of the central nervous system CNS that is only concerned with the control of movement This article describes the gross anatomy of the cerebellum, the functional regions of the cerebellum and some of the associated CNS loops pathways The cerebellum is a complicated structure and so this article only highlights key anatomy and afferent efferent connections CheckCerebellum Anatomy, Structure, Function, Pictures,