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@Download Book õ The Broken Rules of Engagement Ð Pinky Thompson, a citizen from Phalaborwa, serving the Executive offices as a High Performance PA in one of the Major Copper Ore Mine, Palabora Mining Company in Limpopo, South AfricaI would like to express myself in a book through bottom up approach, to share with the world especially the entities my perspective based on tacit knowledge, discussions and experiences from my own life and I thought sharing these experiences will assist organizations to grow, make profit, create employment and continue sustaining economies in their countriesThe book has been designed for entities as a practical guide to aid in outlining, exploring, and communicating the unfathomable glitches that may prevent many organizations to reach their full potential The Broken Rules of Engagement is not meant to be the ultimate voice on organizational behaviour but rather a contribution to available resources on how entities may reinforce and call in the Special Forces to aid their survival The book entails and exposes corporate flaws and positives within: Organisations, Management, Trade Unions and what Employees are engaged in on a daily basis The recent Economic and Social factors propelled me to produce this Manuscript The book has many benefits and it's adaptable to any situation, regardless of the field of expertise be it Management or Employees levelThe Book's Benefit: Entities would reap remarkable benefits and empower their Management teams and Employees on purchase of The Broken Rules of Engagement book The book will also bring cohesion between Management and Employees and cultivate a happier workplace and increased productivityT YOURSELF A COPY! Be informed, fully developed and empowered to the point of readiness for you to attract great opportunities and unleash your full potentialSpecific outcomes projected: Maximising Human Capital Business continuity amp; Resiliency planning Optimise and benefit from improved productivity Increased Ethical sensitivitySustained cost reductionCostfocused lean enterprise Lean Process design The Broken Rules of Engagement by Pinky Thompson is very useful book I already apply the tips and techniques that I learned from Pinky Thompson Already, I see positive changes in my work the team’s efficiency has increased and the time taken to complete certain tasks has decreased I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for fresh ideas for a business or team management. One of the best business related books I had read lately! Amazing experience and useful tips.