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[[ Read E-pub ]] ë Tess (Calloway Corners, #3) õ Unforgettableand As Elusive As Moonlight On Water, Tess Calloway Was Afraid To Risk, And Afraid Not To She Was Torn By Desire For A Man Who Was Both Sinner And Saint Seth He Was Born Unwanted On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, But, Inspired By The Memory Of Tess S Gentle Love, He Became The Fearless Man She Needed His Triumph Over Past Pain Gave Tess The Courage To Face The Future TBR 207 Tess falls for the bad boy at high schoolbut he has to marry aa girl who is having his babyfast forward 15 years Seth is divorced and his son is having issues at schoolTess is also divorced and a teacher of children with special needs I remember this being my least favourite of the Calloway Corners series, and I was indeed quite bored throughout the first half then a real storyline started to develop.Nothing about this series is as engaging as I remember, but they re still nice, if dated, escapist reads. This one is a bitpedestrian than the first two in the series, but nice, simple and sweet in its own way Also, less problematic in terms of its ideology, with two working folks trying to do the right thing, with some good teaching and parenting meat in there.