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^READ DOWNLOAD ☚ Team One - Orions People (Team One, #2) ☠ It's a race against time, a rush to uncover secret plots, and a military standoff with extreme alien interference, all rolled into one universal conflict From spy masters to sex clubs, fighter pilots to sentient technologies, with a team of heroes opposite a dangerous duo, everything is set in motion to bring down human Inner Space, all for the revenge of a single being, OrionAn ancient Shezrian expression tells us that three can keep a secret, if two are dead In a future reality where outofcontrol pirate guilds, space zombies, and selfevolved psychic powers all collide, who will live to love and grow, and who will die?Spend hours away from the real world, as you travel around Inner Space with Team One on one dangerous adventure after the next, always trying to beat the clock before a dismissed minor world achieves an undreamed of domination over all nine human planets for generations to come Team One is commanded by the heroic Dr Erian Kane, and supported by the mystic Casandra Willow, with ace pilot 'Win Again' Tanigan Mclane, and joined by their ally 'starbase', an ancient piece of sentient alien technology on a missionIn an interplanetary game of futuristic alien D chess, will Orion put the pieces in place to put a 'checkmate' on the human race? Or will allies, new and old, reach to new heights to let freedom ring for all, and create a bold new union for peace, learning, and love, to last for eons?Check out the latest struggles between good and evil, and the human struggle with our own imperfect and changing natures, in the next installment of the Team One series: Team OneOrion's People, only $ on Kindle books!Fill in your background knowledge of the futuristic worlds which Team One live on and travel through, and how they came to be who they are, by picking up the Team One origin story: Team One and the Origination of Orion, now just $ on Kindle books!