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READ PDF Ý Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters, #2) ç Talia Hibbert Returns With Another Charming Romantic Comedy About A Young Woman Who Agrees To Fake Date Her Friend After A Video Of Him Rescuing Her From Their Office Building Goes ViralDanika Brown Knows What She Wants Professional Success, Academic Renown, And An Occasional Roll In The Hay To Relieve All That Career Driven Tension But Romance Been There, Done That, Burned The T Shirt Romantic Partners, Whatever Their Gender, Are A Distraction At Best And A Drain At Worst So Dani Asks The Universe For The Perfect Friend With Benefits Someone Who Knows The Score And Knows Their Way Around The Bedroom When Brooding Security Guard Zafir Ansari Rescues Dani From A Workplace Fire Drill Gone Wrong, It S An Obvious Sign PhD Student Dani And Ex Rugby Player Zaf Are Destined To Sleep Together But Before She Can Explain That Fact, A Video Of The Heroic Rescue Goes Viral Now Half The Internet Is Shipping DrRugbae And Zaf Is Begging Dani To Play Along Turns Out, His Sports Charity For Kids Could Really Use The Publicity Lying To Help Children Who On Earth Would Refuse Dani S Plan Is Simple Fake A Relationship In Public, Seduce Zaf Behind The Scenes The Trouble Is, Grumpy Zaf S Secretly A Hopeless Romantic And He S Determined To Corrupt Dani S Stone Cold Realism Before Long, He S Tackling Her Fears Into The Dirt But The Former Sports Star Has Issues Of His Own, And The Walls Around His Heart Are As Thick As His Um, Thighs Suddenly, The Easy Lay Dani Dreamed Of Is Complex Than Her Thesis Has Her Wish Backfired Is Her Focus Being Tested Or Is The Universe Just Waiting For Her To Take A Hint CW mention of death of family members in car accident, griefI absolutely devoured this book I couldn t stop reading When I tell you Talia is one of my fave romance authors it s no lie Her books are always so poignant and humorous Her characters to multifaceted and relatable I loved Zaf and Dani from the first page Zaf is like this big grouchy teddy bear, seriously Most people are intimidated by him but not Dani She knows he s this sweet guy who she brings tea for and who gives her a protein bar every day Zaf also has anxiety and Talia explored this so well We learn about this from him first and then he tells Dani We also see him having an anxiety attack and Dani is with him It really stuck out to me that after Zaf mentioned his anxiety, Dani looked up what not to do in case someone has an attack Which was pretty thoughtful Dani is a fabulous character She s not into this relationships thing at all, which she tells Zaf, who is a bit perplexed by it but doesn t judge Relationships have never worked out for her and she thinks she s the problem since she s super focused on the work she s doing with her PHD and hasn t had someone understand the little idiosyncrasies that make Dani well, Dani But Zaf does These two are so different He reads romance novels And believes in HEA and wants a relationship and of course against this better judgement agrees to this casual sex with Dani oh dear who doesn t believe in these things Whatever could go wrong Also there s some fake dating in here my friends Oh yes, the ultimate fave trope Thanks to them going sort of viral Fake dating must happen and thus the casual sex is agreed upon These two together are so teeth rotting cute They really get each other, even though Dani, bless her heart, is so confused by Zaf s little sweet gestures The muffin I cackled when Dani s friend tried to explain this to her but she was just like no, it s just a muffin which he left by accident Oh Dani my sweet clueless Summer child LOLAnd lest I forget we get a fabulous rom com with a black bi heroine and a Pakistani Muslim MC he s non practicing with a bunch of side characters who are also funny and fabulous The character s voices really shine through when we are in each of their POVs Also WHEW y all the book cover is cutesy and cartoony but the sex is steamy just so you know Dani s gesture at the end and THAT EPILOGUE PLEASE I maybe wanted to cry cuz it was so perfect for them I need a movie for the Brown sisters because these books are such a delight Speaking it into the universe I m a simple woman with simple taste I see fake dating , I hit that mf want to read button. Clicked the request button and gathered my witch powers It is simple request I WANT THIS If I don t have it, I will start my hunger strike okay, I m lying, I started a disgusting cleansing program and I already hate my life right now but honestly my entire core craves this book everything about this synopsis gives me the life i need to survive high school