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Quite simply, this is Tremblay s best novel yet It s mean and fast, and utterly bleak, and full of equal amounts of heart and heartbreak I loved it. 4.0 StarsThis book holds all the trademarks of a classic Paul Tremblay horror novel and fans of his work will not be disappointed Compared to his other horror books, this one most closely follows the narrative structure of Cabin at the End of the World with a similar level of action and suspense Once again Tremblay provides his own literary spin on a classic subgenre of horror In this one, he takes on the apocalyptic horror, but chooses to tell an intimate character focused story rather than the scaling epic normally found in the subgenre.Tremblay is easily one of the stronger horror writers writing and I am always so impressed by his prose His books have a literary feel, although this story felt a bit genre than his previous work As usual, his characters were interesting and well developed One of the main characters identified as asexual, which added a nice piece of underrepresented diversity to the novel.Reading this during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I was floored by how accurately Tremblay predicted the details of this viral pandemic From self isolation and quarantines to fights at the grocery stores, the book was certainly unsettling to read in the midst of the current events This story could certainly be triggering to anyone suffering from anxiety during this crisis Also, I should warn that this novel goes to some dark places and will almost certainly mess with your emotions There were certainly a few gut punch moments in this one.I am not the biggest fan of the pandemic post apocalyptic genre So if I enjoyed the subgenre , I likely would have rated this one even higher I found the setup to be quite engaging, but I found the mandatory tropes of the genre, like travelling to safety, to be a bit tiring to read.While the synopsis made this sound like a zombie book, it s really not This became an ongoing joke throughout the novel with one of the characters constantly correcting everyone who inaccurately labelled the infected as zombies There were no dead bodies rising back to life in this one, but rather a dangerous strain of rabies that caused humans to become delusional and prone to biting.If you are already a fan of Paul Tremblay then you should absolutely read his latest release If you are new to his work, then this is a great place to start I would recommend this one to readers looking for a horror story that combines a gripping emotional narrative with some strong character work.Disclaimer I received a review copy from the publisher, Harper Collins. I m not sure if I fall under the glutton for punishment umbrella or if I just really enjoy apocalyptic horror, but I have been reading all of the horror books that should make me uncomfortable during a worldwide pandemic If you are the type who won t be able to sleep after reading a book about people getting sick and dying in a widespread manner right now, that s completely understandable, but my hope is that things will be settling into our new normal by July when this book is set to be published Most of the plot is listed in the synopsis, so other than the very end of the book, there aren t a ton of traditional surprises, but I felt the purpose of this book was beyond twists and surprises, and with the level of terror that the author instills in the reader Also, I don t believe I ve read a book to date that included zombie animals, and that was pretty cool If you re a horror junkie who enjoys the running from bad things and a ticking clock that resembles a metaphorical bomb, you need this bookMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. Beware Paul Tremblay is not interested in writing stories readers can walk away from unscathed Survivor Song will leave emotional trenches in your heart long after you ve finished trying to ugly cry and read at the same time Cemetery Dance review coming soon New Paul Tremblay This is not a fairy tale It is a song The man comes with the sounds of barks and unintelligible sentences crashing through the doorway into the space of Natalie and Paul s home They will fight him to protect one another and their unborn child, but because of the man s size and manic determination, he will win Bite and bite and bite It will become the beginning of an unwanted journey for Natalie, and a race against time One that is forever without Paul, but necessary to save their child So she will seek the help of her closest friend because this journey cannot be taken aloneAs the sputtering big bad wolf disappears somewhere deeper into their house, Natalie quietly shuts the door behind her Early in, I didn t see how the frenetic pacing of the story could be sustained One hour in book time equaled a hundred pages of momentum But then the action expanded to include the thoughts of these two women and the intertwining past that connected them thereby slowing the movement without sacrificing the constant pressure driving them forward It can t be easy for a writer to do that, nor to combine elements of horror with human emotion, in ways that both scare and pull at our inner feelings On this road, Natalie and Ramola will meet the good and the bad side of human nature Some of these characters are of the type not to be forgotten, the selfless heroes Tremblay does not fail to honor and remember them But the best of this story is that which speaks to mothering and friendship The kind that says I will do anything you ask of me, and I will never leave you behindThe infected woman either does not see Ramola, or is too ill to cross the road and approach the house She stays in her field and slow dances to a song all of us will one day hear Little time has passed since finishing the book, but I don t think I ve liked a Tremblay story , in many ways it s better even than A Head Full of Ghosts Instead of trying to encompass the feat of an epic, the narrative here is contained and personal One small community, and two women s plight against impossible oddsPS I came out on the winning end of a Goodreads Giveaway My sincere thanks to William Morrow Survivor Song to be published on July 7, 2020 Paul Tremblay s back with his darkest book yet Survivor Song takes place in the not so distant future, where ironically, there s a strain of rabies contaminating creating a country wide pandemic in the United States Natalie and her husband Paul are expecting a baby and have to navigate through this unconventional time with Natalie s best friend and doctor, Ramola With this strain of rabies being so contagious and fast acting, the country is in quarantine When an affected person breaks into the trio s lives, panic and fast acting solutions are necessary to ensure their safety and the wellbeing of Natalie s unborn child Without going further, this book is wild I think you need to know little to nothing about this book to enjoy When I picked up Paul Tremblay s last book, The Cabin at the End of the World, I knew that going forward, I d need to read anything else that he releases Survivor Song is not for the faint of heart and definitely not something that you may want to read at this current time damn you, COVID 19 , but it ll be released in July when things hopefully are back to normal This heart pounding horror thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat I suppose every generation gets the disaster novels it deserves The world slouches into the 2020s, with not only worldwide political turmoil spreading nationalist paranoia, but a sharp increase in the mistrust of science resulting in such disturbing trends as the anti vaccination movement Add the looming threat of coronavirus putting the world on edge and well, I suppose it s no surprise we re seeing a return of the outbreak novel Chuck Wendig s Wanderers has staked a very credible claim to being this era s version of The Stand, and even The Andromeda Strain has gotten a sequel Paul Tremblay, the acclaimed author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World, has now thrown his hat into the biohazard ring with Survivor Song.Unlike many other writers of apocalyptic horror, Tremblay doesn t care to write on an epic scale He s an intimate storyteller, preferring to zero in on a small group of characters through whose personal ordeals we develop a level of empathy that larger scale storytelling often can t satisfy Established fans of Tremblay s writing will appreciate how the book serves as a sort of sequel to his 2016 novel Disappearance at Devil s Rock If Tremblay has any big themes he s pursuing here, it s in the way this book is presented as an unapologetic and even forceful middle finger to the antivax movement, and he shares Chuck Wendig s contempt for reactionary nationalist xenophobia into the bargain.Natalie is an expectant mother living in Stoughton, MA, near Boston, with her husband Paul We fade in with the outbreak already well underway No one is sure how this strain of rabies emerged, though it has been an unusually hot summer Shelters have been set up for citizens who are not able, for whatever reason, to shelter in place Naturally, Facebook groups full of frightened citizens spreading rumors and misinformation are helping no one It s a horrific situation, especially for a woman whose baby is due in fifteen days And it s about to get unbearably worsecontinued when is a zombie novel not a zombie novel when paul tremblay s writing it I was kind of joking when I said zombies, but not joking at the same time They re sick people and they turn delusional and violent and they bite, but it s easier to say zombie than a person infected with a super rabies virus and no longer capable of making good decisions with all the coronavirus panic going on right now, this was a perfectly timed read for me ain t nothing like reading a horror novel about a highly communicable disease whilst riding on a subway car filled with people wearing surgical masks it s right up there with the time i was reading The Plague on a deserted subway platform around 2am and a rat ran over my foot good times this is one horrifying, propulsive ride, where all the action takes place over the course of a few hours, in the book version of real time, telling the tale of a super rabies virus that is fast acting, reason obliterating, communicable AF, and fatal oh, and bitey soooo bitey if you ve read The Cabin at the End of the World, you know that tremblay is not going to pull any of his punches he s an old school concrete surfaced playground beckoning you to come skin your knobby little knees this one starts brutal and doesn t let up, and it s a reminder that effective horror needn t have any supernatural elements at all science is than terrifying enough the descriptions of afflicted humans how their lurchy staggery gait sounds across gravel, their word salad babblings and barking coughing ejaculations, and dear god the way they BITE, it is intense, it is chilling, it is goddamned good fun.the horror is offset by humor, pop culture references, and he even managed to sneak some MATH in there like it s SCHOOL like The Cabin at the End of the World, it centers around the question of what are you willing to do to save the ones you love and while some of the decisions here are ethically dubious and put innocent, uninfected lives at risk, hey times is hard and this playground ain t padded a special shout out for the tiny terrors of infected cuties Danger skulks undercover in the fields the tall grass bows and waves, whispering of the epic battle to come The zombie foxes are the first to attack The scent of their musk announces their stealthy approach The zombie raccoons are next Their snorts and chitters fill the air, broadcasting their immutable intentions.and you guys a zombie deer all of this woodland animal menace occurs in the section called You Will Not Feel Me Between Your Teeth, which if i am remembering what he told me correctly was paul s desired title for this novel, inexplicably shot down but at least there s a tiny fox on the bookspine.a wonderful terror of a book THIS ONE HAS TEETH rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay RABIES TREMBLAY FOX ON THE COVER and just like that, i m having a better day even BETTER than that day was when i got my inscribed ARC of this in the mail, along with this crazy little bookmark pin combo, and i don t yet know what it MEANS, but it looks like The Tailypo A Ghost Story, so i am already deliciously freaked out REVIEW TO COME SO MANY TEETH, YOU GUYS come to my blog `Free Ebook ⇢ Survivor Song ↜ A Riveting Novel Of Suspense And Terror From The Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Of The Cabin At The End Of The World And A Head Full Of GhostsIn A Matter Of Weeks, Massachusetts Has Been Overrun By An Insidious Rabies Like Virus That Is Spread By Saliva But Unlike Rabies, The Disease Has A Terrifyingly Short Incubation Period Of An Hour Or Less Those Infected Quickly Lose Their Minds And Are Driven To Bite And Infect As Many Others As They Can Before They Inevitably Succumb Hospitals Are Inundated With The Sick And Dying, And Hysteria Has Taken Hold To Try To Limit Its Spread, The Commonwealth Is Under Quarantine And Curfew But Society Is Breaking Down And The Government S Emergency Protocols Are FalteringDr Ramola Rams Sherman, A Soft Spoken Pediatrician In Her Mid Thirties, Receives A Frantic Phone Call From Natalie, A Friend Who Is Eight Months Pregnant Natalie S Husband Has Been Killed Viciously Attacked By An Infected Neighbor And In A Failed Attempt To Save Him, Natalie, Too, Was Bitten Natalie S Only Chance Of Survival Is To Get To A Hospital As Quickly As Possible To Receive A Rabies Vaccine The Clock Is Ticking For Her And For Her Unborn ChildNatalie S Fight For Life Becomes A Desperate Odyssey As She And Rams Make Their Way Through A Hostile Landscape Filled With Dangers Beyond Their Worst Nightmares Terrifying, Strange, And Sometimes Deadly Challenges That Push Them To The Brink Paul Tremblay Once Again Demonstrates His Mastery In This Chilling And All Too Plausible Novel That Will Leave Readers Racing Through The Pages And Shake Them To Their Core