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(((READ BOOK))) ↚ Strangers from the Skies ✕ Would You Believe Swamp Gas If it followed your car down a twisting country road If it hovered over your home for nearly an hour, creating intolerable temperatures and visiting a tingling sensation on members of your family If you found your skin blistered with strange welt like burns Would You Believe Weather Balloons Balled Lightning The Planet Venus Not if you were a noted Jesuit Priest Astronomer Not if you were the American Astronaut who photographed a UFO while orbiting in a manned space flight Not if you were the nine year old Brazilian girl who watched a saucer sink into a suddenly boiling river Do You Think Only Cranks, Kooks and Cultists Sight Flying Saucers or Accept the Possibility That They Originate on Other Planets Did you know that their number includes the German scientist who is the world s foremost authority on space travel and heads America s own Jupiter Space Program Did you know that US Air Force regulation states that UFO s are a serious business Did you know that among others, Albert Einstein protested an Air Force order to shoot down dozens of UFO s converging on Washington Would You Believe That Flying Saucers Actually Do Bring Strangers from the Skies You might after you read the astonishing facts documented in this remarkable new book