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~READ EBOOK ☤ Steve Nash ☹ Steve Nash is a celebration of the basketball giant s road to stardom a story with many new chapters yet to be writtenSteve Nash loved bouncing a ball, shooting hoops and fantasizing about playing with the pros Forced to change high schools to pursue his dreams, he became a regional star in British Columbia, but was totally overlooked by all but one American college recruiterAt Santa Clara University in California, he led his beloved Broncos to new heights and earned enough attention to become a first roundNBA draft pick of the Phoenix Suns From there Steve moved to the Dallas Mavericks, and continued to work to make himself betterAfter Steve agreed to join Canada s team for theOlympics in Australia, his passionate leadership and yeoman effort made him a national hero and proved a turning point in his career Back in Dallas, Steve emerged as a confident floor general in the Mavs run to the playoffs Then came the big signing with the Suns, two MVPs and life beyond basketball with the Steve Nash FoundationHandling his fame with a quiet humility, Steve has become a role model, with his own vision of what s important in life