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[[ Read Epub ]] Á Starting Out in Backgammon ⚛ Backgammon is the ultimate race game and has been enjoyed around the world for over five thousand years Although the play is highly skilful, the fact that the moves rely on the fall of the dice introduces a large element of luck In the long run the better player will always win, but the beauty of the game is that even a novice can win the odd game against a world champion In this user friendly introduction to the game, ex British champion Paul Lamford provides newcomers to the game with a thorough grounding in the essentials of play Learn Backgammon from scratch or brush up on the basics Numerous hints and tips make the important advice easy to remember An ideal first Backgammon book for players of all ages Excellent introduction to the wonderful game of backgammon Covers fundamental positions and strategies as well as cube play All that on just 128 pages full of diagrams and examples.