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24,000 words ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ⚖ Sorority Pledge 5: A Rider of Delight ☩ NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE Though we ve had some practice and play, my Princess and I have our first official scene, which we expect to be amazing, and we do have a hot, sexy time, both in and out of our roles But as first timers, we are unprepared for and shaken by the rapid descent out of subspace called sub drop, and it throws our budding relationship into chaos We should ve read the fine print in the manual before trying at home This novella contains spanking, impact play, temp play, bondage I mentioned the chains in the blurb for Bookinsert that here and other BDSM y and steamy situations to get you hot and bothered But you ll also witness me being a complete jackass That is all Keep a flared hand fan at the ready for the heat, but you might also want to grab some tomatoes for hurling too while you re at it Or flames Just sayin This , word novella is Bookin thepart Sorority Pledge Saga, a serialization that follows a rocky romance centered around the edgy bliss of Domination and submissionplease Based on industry standards, this book is aboutpages