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This book is set up as a riddle and even when you read the last page it implies the answer to the riddle instead of writing it out The illustrations are wonderful and beg for a second look What a little gem @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚶ Something Special ⚟ A curious little frog fi nds a mysterious gift outside his home near the castle moat It s Something Special What can it be It can be small and silent Or big and loud It can be plantedor blownor thrown And it s no good until you give it away Join our little frog as he searches high and low for the answer to this puzzling riddle Share the delight as he discovers that his magical gift is Something Special indeed Will you guess the surprise before he does This is a very fun and interactive book The pictures are great and really describe the words that are on each page At the end, the special thing that they were looking for was a kiss, which is very comforting It is very encouraging to kids I would probably read this to the PreK or Kindergarten. Although this book has a nice storyline and message, the illustrations are too grotesque for young children which could also be a reason that older children may find it appealing. Have your child guess using the clues in the illustrations and text what the Something Special is Beautiful book This is a beautifully illustrated book with a riddle The pictures of nature are detailed and technical yet contain fantasy The frog is the main character who receives a gift of what The caterpillar and the butterfly have a suitcase and umbrella It has a loud dramatic picture of horses, knights and soldiers with armour The words are also part of the illustrations The riddle is not answered but implied in the illustrations Suitable for three to 13 year olds mainly due to the illustrations. I love interactive books like this one Although the cover with the frog is quite misleading, the pictures on each page along with the adjective descriptions will surely keep the listeners or readers hooked In the end, the something special was a kiss, and therefore I also see this as a very encouraging book It is nice to be reminded that something as simple as a kiss can give you many good feelings and it is so easy to give This book would be best for young elementary aged children.