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.Download Epub ☲ Slim Jim Baxter: The Definitive Biography ⚓ Jim Baxter was one of the greatest footballers Scotland has ever produced But his career was over by the time he reachedand inhe died at the early age of , the victim of a lifestyle that ultimately destroyed himSlim Jim Baxter charts the great man s rollercoaster years, his emergence at Ibrox as a world class midfield player and the rapid decline as he pressed the self destruct button and blew away his life as a footballer Team mates and friends tell how Baxter lived by his own rules and how he finally faced up to death with a courage and dignity which impressed all who saw him in his last few tragic monthsAbove all, Ken Gallacher s biography is the story of an extraordinary footballer who was touched by genius, and of a young man from the Fife coal fields who could not always cope with the fame his skills brought him