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Ehhh.not bad, but I found the relationship of the American boyfriend with the protagonist to be a bit unlikely, he was clearly a pretentious jerk right from the start It also irritated me how he also turned out to be be very rich by marriage and I couldn t help rolling my eyes about why this 12 years younger woman would take any interest in this man who bought her expensive gifts and took her to fancy restaurantshmmm @DOWNLOAD E-PUB Ö Slack-Tide Ý When two people meet is it need, fantasy or love Slack Tide takes us on an urgent journey and kept me reading late into the night Esther Freud By midsummer the thing between us was finished, and it was as if a storm had torn the roof from over meIt is four years since the loss of a child broke her marriage, and Elizabeth is fiercely protective of her independence She meets Robert exuberant, generous, apparently care free and they fall in love with breath taking speed Slack tide tracks the ebbs and flows of the affair passionate, coercive, intensely sexual When you ve known lasting love and lost it, what price will you pay to find it again This is the first book I have read by this author She has a good style of writing that makes the story extremely well paced and easy to follow I don t want to give too much away but if you re looking for a traditional story with a beginning, middle, end structure and an actual plot, then this isn t the book for you.Whilst it doesn t really go anywhere, the fact that the protagonist narrator is telling you the whole thing like a stranger at a party it is still very intriguing, odd, sometimes creepy and often funny Funny enough I would add, to make you keep reading until the end.I would be interested in reading other books by this other to see what else she has to offer. Underbar historia om tv vuxna personer som f rs ker f ett f rh llande att fungera Men deras bakgrund, deras framtid och deras v ldigt olika syn p livet st r emellan dem L gm ld realism n r den r som b st. OriginalI have read all three of ms dymott s novels Liked them all but the first is my favourite A interesting story This one is well written with an original background The common denominator with all three is sadness In all three the main character is sad.I look forward to the next novel. Fabulous cadenceI loved the cadence of this book the evolution of the characters and their relationship and enjoyed the fond ending which was not expected at all. At the start of the novel, we find out that the relationship will end.Then, like in an episode of Columbo, we find out why.Great read. Reading this book was like plunging into a free fall of a heady affair An affair, just like the one in the story at times intense and passionate, at times disquieting and knowing fully heartbreak is impending.I will pick myself up, and I will begin again E This was an interesting book to read just after Crudoboth novels about the beginnings of relationships and in this book s case, the end It s got a very particular target audience and I guess that I m one of them It s an uncomfortable read, you know from the start that Robert isn t going to be entirely the nice guy so you read knowing that things don t end happily I suppose, with the knowledge that it will end, it s hard to keep the suspense going and I did start willing the protagonist to get on with it It s a short book so won t take long to get through, which in my view, was a good thing.