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( Read Pdf ) õ Size Zero (Visage #1) å Condom Dresses And Space Helmets Have Debuted On Fashion RunwaysA Dead Body Becomes The Trend When A Coat Made Of Human Skin Saunters Down Fashion S Biggest Stage The Body Is Identified As Annabelle Leigh, The Teenager Who Famously Disappeared Over A Decade Ago From Her Boyfriend S New York City MansionThis New Evidence Casts Suspicion Back On The Former Boyfriend, Cecil LeClaire Now A Monk, He Is Forced To Return To His Dark And Absurd Childhood Home To Clear His Name He Teams Up With Ava Germaine, A Renegade Ex Model And Together, They Investigate The Depraved And Lawless Modeling Industry Behind Cecil S Family FortuneThey Find Erotic Canes, Pet Rats Living In Crystal Castles, And Dresses Made Of Crushed Butterfly Wings But Cecil Finds Truth In The Luxury Goods Than In The People Themselves Everyone He Meets Seems To Be Wearing A Person Suit Terrified Of Showing Their True Selves, The Glitterati Put On Flamboyant Public Personas To Make Money And Friends Can Cecil Find Truth In A World Built On Lies In High Fashion Modeling, Selling Bodies Is Organized Crime Once, when I was younger, I got a couple calls from a modeling agency in my hometown called PMS I didn t take them up on it, I thought it was a little strange Came out of nowhere Still, even though I had declined the offer it felt nice to have some place that supposedly recruited beautiful girls to tell me, a 13 year old with pretty heavy self esteem issues, that I was worthy of being considered for such a job But, to be honest, I always kind of feared it would be like the modeling world of Abigail Mangin s Size Zero.Size Zero is horrifically comic satire at its best I knew from page one that I was reading something intended to put the reader on edge Parents desperate for money sell their children to men Pack them a bag and send them off, never to return The girls are sold dreams of fashion modeling and travel beyond their wildest dreams Then, they re promptly thrust into the high stakes world of high fashion When the childhood friend of a prominent designer s son goes missing and turns up as a skin suit on the runway years later, he decides to reenter the world he d abandoned for monastic life and track down her murderer.Abigail Mangin is a craftsman of pitch black humor I found myself laughing at almost every page, even as I was disgusted by her vivid imagery of the modeling world s underbelly She knows how to skewer and twist those parts of society we d rather not think about and turn them to the light A not so distant future of high tech high fashion and all the things about the elite world we don t want to believe are happening, the world of Size Zero is sharply crafted and unforgiving There is no mercy here, even as you laugh your way down Its dark, sensual, vicious prose slides across the page like oil and bites.I didn t originally realize it was first in a series It twists back on itself so effectively I wasn t sure where it had left to go Nevertheless, I d follow Abigail Mangin into the depths of Hades if she guided I can t wait to see where this elite, morally complex, privileged beasts of humanity go next.I would like to thank NetGalley, Visage Media, and Abigail Mangin for the opportunity to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. People comment the praise they want to receive themselves Social media is a magical circle jerk I have received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.This book is exactly like the cover luxurious, a little beautiful, and also very very dark.I personally have not read satire crime before this one so this was an interesting experience The story was told from a third person perspective, the majority of it in Cecil LeClaire s POV The LeClaires were behind the wealth and success of Visage, a luxury fashion brand When a body turned up in the fashion runway, Cecil begun to unravel the truth about the industry his family owned as he tried to find the culprit alongside an unexpected ally There was not much background on him before entering the monastery but his efforts to be a better person were admirable, and at times, brave He s humble and determined and possibly my favourite character because he s just so sweet Much unlike the rest of his family Margaux and Perdonna, he treated everyone like a human being view spoiler I personally think I could ve done without his relationship with Perdonna thoughit was a little strange hide spoiler This story is really unique I wouldn t recommend it to everyone I know, but would strongly recommend to all my friends The subject matter is dark serious, but weirdly balanced with humor and absurdity It feels in a lot of ways like a movie, a combination Eyes Wide Shut and Silence of the Lambs, but funnier The writing style is so easy to read and vivid and the story moves really quickly There are huge twists, I thought I was smart because I suspected one of them but was blown away by the other The characters and their relationships to each other both scary real and simply absurd it reminds me of people I know and I love it Even though it s set in an almost fantasy satirical version of New York City s elite high fashion world, I believe a lot of the crazy things described and the horrors that take place there are real.Thank you to the publisher for an advanced reader copy.