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Good bookSecond book I've read of this author Loved Will Deft This is a follow up on that book in a way Yes, it does have Tobi! I really like the writing style The main character is again a little slow and stubborn, again with a compassionate heart that provides bravery and a sense of responsibility.I felt that a lot of word space was used to describe actions and descriptions Too much for me Distracting.BUT, it does have TOBI! A rollicking good read John Carter of Mars meets Arabian Nights with capitalist and environmental critique Living in Wales I particularly enjoyed the Corgi ! Hope Richard writes further books featuring the exploits of Will and his comrades This novel follows Wil Deft, with some of the same characters, including that talkative corgi I'd think anyone could enjoy this book, from teenagers on up. (DOWNLOAD KINDLE) ⚠ Sinnabar é This was a bad place to beAfter a moment, I realized we were caged, staring out through iron bars Defion stood outside the cage, insect faced, no expression Philip Prester stood beside him, but with his back to us, looking out over the plainWindblown orange dust sandpapered my face I felt a buzz inside my head, and knew the dust did that, as if it was electrically charged After a few moments, I didn't notice itWhere's this? I said, mainly to hear my own voice, something familiarDefion surprised me: he spokeSinnabar, he said