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Sin Noticias de Gurb* is one of those books that you could kick yourself for not thinking of the idea first—not that I could have pulled off a minor masterpiece like this but still Written in the form of a diary of messages sent by an extraterrestrial who comes to earth, takes on human form(s), and dryly narrates what he discovers about life here on earth—or at least life in Barcelona.Upon landing in Barcelona, the unnamed leader sends his underling, Gurb, out to explore the terrain Gurb immediately goes AWOL and most of the book concerns the leader’s search for his partner as it takes two beings to drive their spaceship While looking for Gurb, the leader comments on dozens and dozens of aspects of life in this bizarre corner of the world called Barcelona No hay en toda la Tierra gente más aficionada al trabajo que los catalanes Si supieran hacer algo, se harían los amos del mundo.No one on earth enjoys workthan Catalonians If they knew how to do something, they would rule the world.It is laughoutloud funny in many, many parts and evenso if you happen to be something of an outsider yourself but have been in Spain just long enough to recognize some of theabsurd aspects of modern Spanish/Catalán society There is a little bit of Gurb in anyone who has ever lived in another country Why hasn’t anyone thought to turn this into a movie?* The English title is No Word from Gurb which I thinks sounds funny and is a great title. (((Free Pdf))) ↿ Sin noticias de Gurb ⇲ Esta divertida novela relata la búsqueda de un extraterrestre que ha desaparecido, tras adoptar la apariencia de la vocalista Marta Sánchez, en la jungla urbana barcelonesa Pero el protagonista de la narración no es Gurb, sino otro alienígena que sale en pos de él y cuyo diario constituye el esqueleto de la narración La verdadera naturaleza del relato es de carácter satírico: Mendoza convierte esta Barcelona, a un tiempo cotidiana y absurda, en el escenario de una carnavalada que revela el verdadero rostro del hombre urbano actual I was promised funny, but what I got didn't humour me in the slightest and, truthfully, the only reason I didn't DNF, was because this book was one of those reading challenge books I chose purposefully for this particular point But anyways, if my review looked like the book, then my review would look like this:Day 1 18.25 Got a book from the town's library Everyone keeps recommending it.Day 10.17.35 Pick up the book Read the first couple of pages.17.40 Put the jam on fire.17.45 Cannot find the funny parts Thinking why people love this book so much.17.50 Stir the jam.18.30 Still not finding the funny.18.31 Oh crap Forgot the jam.19.10 Putting the jam in jars.19.40 Lying down on the couch to continue reading.19.50 Checking out reviews for the book both on Facebook and on Goodreads to see whether I'm the only one out there who doesn't like the book.19.55 Finding it odd that everyone loves it on Facebook.19.57 Immensely pleased that Goodreads has people with different opinions as well.20.30 Mind wandered from reading 21.05 Hugging the dog because the book is boring me to sleep.21.30 Done!21.31 Still did not enjoy the book 21.50 Posting my review. Threeandahalf stars for an amusing little novella that plonks a couple of shapeshifting aliens down in Barcelona and constructs its plot around their separation and eventual reconciliation Aworthwhile trope than the xenophobic aliensareevillet'skillthemall that seems to predominate these days, this offers the chance for a gentle satire at the expense of Catalan culture An easy read with one or two LOLs. The second book that I've read in Spanish, this one left me feeling distinctly meh A promising conceit an extraterrestrial lands in Barcelona, in search of one of his crewmates and reports on the local population and customs However, the execution, despite having the definite virtue of brevity (140 or so pages), was somewhat labored, and certainly nowhere near as amusing as the teacher who recommended the book to me seemed to find it.Recommended only for those with an overwhelming interest in Barcelona or Cataluña Even then, you might want to go with George Orwell instead Still, it was amusing in parts, which prevented me from giving it only a single star. I liked it! Though I'm sure I would have enjoyed it evenif I were a Spanish native I say that because the alien assumes many roles of well known Spanish historical and modern day figures (Which unfortunately I didn't know who most of them were, therefore the context of the jokes were kind of lost on me) However, there are many circumstantially amusing moments throughout the story which keep you ploughing through to the end On the whole a real good book Not recommendable to anyone learning spanish. I found it pretty difficult, sat with wordreference open next to me as the alien uses some very cult language. I have mixed feelings about this one It was quite humorous in places, but never made me laugh out loud The diary log form was interesting, forcing a narrowed view of events; we see only as the alien sees However, this cuts all reaction from his antics, there is no response from the locals recorded (such as when he believes losing his head numerous times in a few minutes went unnoticed and was considered normal behaviour) Amusing enough at first but increasingly it seems that no one does notice I'd rather there wasconsequence in a story, or nothing he does is of any importance and reading the book becomes an exercise in waiting for the end 2.5 stars; I kind of liked it This book is simply amazing It's basically a diary written by an alien that comes down to Earth, Barcelona, Spain to be exact It is a very funny book because of the way it criticizes some things that we do in society It's also a good book to read while in Barcelona, you can connect to the places that appear in the book such as I did about a year ago I highly recommend this book to anyone who can read Spanish or is learning Spanish in an advanced course. It was amazing how this novel make me laugh to tears and get me rolling on the floor at a pretty sad time in my life, it practically made me laugh to death :D 'What's so funny?' A friend finally asked me since I constantly giggling and eventually burst a laugh, which I think quite loud since people in the cafe turning their heads toward our table I need few minutes to answer it since I couldn't stop laughing 'Gosh,' I said, 'this Gurb's commander is knocking his female neighbour's door every five minutes asking stuff for his cooking until she gave him 2,000 pesetas and told him to go and eat in a restaurant and leave her in peace!' Gurb and his commander [the narrator of the story:] are shapeshifter creatures from another galaxy Gurb took the appearance of Madonna, whilst his commander keep changing his appearances due to specific circumstances and of course after consulting the Earth catalogue His journey to locate Gurb, who is missing, also became a learning process on Catalan exotic yet complicated lifestyle.However as mas Ronny said in his review, for those [read: me] who have never been in Barcelona, I'm a bit lost in space I knew nothing about the city apart of their famous and super rich football club [again soccer is not an appropiate term:] FC Barcelona I don't think it's a coincidence I'm finishing this book whilst Barcelona is trashing Gijon at Camp Nou on Monday early morning at my local time Despite my passion for Liverpool FC, I always wish we play as beautifully as Barcelona does first under Frank Rijkaard and now Pep Guardiola Notes, find out who these characters whose appearance are copied by Gurb's commander:Madonna?Madonna Louise Ciccone a.k.a Madonna for some people is regarded as one of the greatest pop icon, born from FrenchCanadian mother and Italian American father, recently divorced from one of my favourite movie director Guy Ritchie, and she speaks English as if she's a native Londoners Gary Cooper?Gary Cooper was one of American actors early in movie industrial history To be honest I haven't watched any of his movies and even if I did, I bet I didn't know it was him Cary Grant?Look above The only difference is Grant was a Britishborn American actor who possessed a longer list of marriages and divorces.Pope Pius XII?Born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli reigned as the 260th pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City, from March 2, 1939 until his death in 1958 Pius XII contributed to the rebuilding of Europe, and advocated peace and reconciliation, including lenient policies toward vanquished nations and the unification of Europe Admiral Yamamoto?Admiral Yamamoto was the commanderinchief of the Combined Fleet during World War II, a graduate of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy and a student of the U.S Naval War College and of Harvard University He was one of important figures in World War II history Delia Smith?Delia Smith is one of the majority shareholder at Norwich City F.C She's also a UK's bestselling cookery author No wonder Gurb's commander consults one of her recipes Anyway, a friend of mine, Nicola or Niknak who is a Canaries nickname for Norwich supporters just like her father Colin, once showed me a video when Delia cried out, welllikely screamed to the top of her lung, during the half time game against Citeh a nickname made by some mates for Manchester City in 2005 She was probably drunk when she yelled, 'Message for the best football supporters in the world: we need a 12th man here Where are you? Where are you? Let's be having you! Come on!' It'shorrible when you saw it on youtube, believe me!Niknak hates her, well she hates everything about the board and management and the fact that they loaned their good ground talents to other clubs and have mediocre players instead One good think Delia sacked Glenn Roeder who was responsible for all, well most, disasters occurred to Norwich City!***'Apaan sih yang segitu lucunya?' Akhirnya teman nongkrong itu bertanya padaku setelah dari tadi melihatku cekikikan hingga akhirnya tawaku pun meledak 'Ndak, ini komandannya si Gurb mengetuk pintu apartemen tetangganya setiap lima menit minta bahanbahan untuk masakannya Mungkin karena kesal dan sudah larut malam, akhirnya si tetangga memberikannya uang 2.000 peseta untuk makan di restoran dan jangan mengganggunya lagi!' Jawabku setelah akhirnya bisa berhenti tertawa.Gurb dan komandannya, narator cerita ini, adalah dua alien dari galaksi berbeda, dan bisa berubah wujud sesuai yang mereka inginkan Gurb menjadi Madonna, sementara komandannya selalu mengubah wujudnya sesuai mood tentunya setelah mengecek database penghuni bumi Perjalanan sang komandan mencari Gurb yang hilang sekaligus menjadi proses pembelajaran kehidupan masyarakat Catalan yang eksotis walau rumit baginya.Sayangnya seperti yang disebutkan mas Ronny di reviewnya soal buku ini, aku yang belum pernah ke Barcelona merasa kebingungan akut dan terasing Satusatunya hal yang aku kenali dari kota ini adalah tim sepakbolanya yang kaya dan terkenal, FC Barcelona Rasanya bukan kebetulan saat aku menyelesaikan buku ini Barcelona menghancurkan Sporting Gijon di Camp Nou Walau aku fans berat Liverpool FC, aku selalu berharap tim kesayanganku itu bisa bermain seindah Barcelona baik ketika ditangani oleh Frank Rijkaard maupun Pep Guardiola sekarang.Catatan, ada baiknya mencari tahu sejumlah tokoh yang wujudnya ditiru oleh sang komandan.Madonna?Terlahir dengan nama Madonna Louise Ciccone dari seorang ibu berdarah PerancisKanada dan ayah berdarah ItaliaAmerika Bagi sebagian orang dianggap ikon pop terhebat dan baru saja bercerai dari Guy Ritchie, salah satu sutradara favoritku Logat Londonernya layak diganjar Oscar!Gary Cooper?Salah satu bintang film lama Amerika Rasanya aku belum pernah menonton filmfilmnya, dan seandainya pernah aku yakin tidak mengenali kalau itu dia!Cary Grant?Idem Satusatunya perbedaan adalah Grant kelahiran Inggris dan punya riwayat pernikahan dan perceraian yang lebih banyak!Paus Pius XII?Terlahir sebagai Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Pacelli dan terpilih menjadi Paus ke 260, pemimpin Gereja Katolik Roma sejak 02 Maret 1939 hingga wafatnya di tahun 1958 Pius XII memberikan kontribusi kebangkitan kembali Eropa serta menyampaikan misi perdamaian dan rekonsiliasi [paska perang dunia:], termasuk bersikap lunak terhadap bangsabangsa yang menguasai dan mendorong penyatuan Eropa.Admiral Yamamoto?Admiral Yamamoto merupakan Panglima Tertinggi Armada Gabungan Angkatan Laut Jepang saat Perang Dunia II Lulusan Akademi Angkatan Laut Jepang, Akademi Perang Angkatan Laut Amerika serta lulusan Universitas Harvard Salah satu tokoh penting dalam sejarah Perang Dunia II.Delia Smith?Salah satu pemegang saham utama klub sepakbola Liga Championship Inggris, Norwich City F.C Juga salah satu penulis buku resep terkenal di Inggris, makanya tidak heran komandan Gurb mencoba salah satu resepnya.Berbicara tentang Delia Smith mengingatkanku pada seorang teman dari Inggris Nicola atau yang akrab dipanggil Niknak adalah seorang Canaries sebutan bagi para pendukung Norwich City sama seperti ayahnya, Colin Pernah satu hari Niknak menunjukkan sebuah video di mana Delia Smith, di tengah jeda pertandingan antara Norwich dengan Citeh sebutan beberapa teman bagi klub Manchester City merebut mikrofon dan berteriak, 'Pesan bagi para pendukung terhebat sepakbola di dunia: kita membutuhkan orang ke12 di sini Di mana kalian? Di mana kalian?' Diduga Delia sedang mabuk saat itu Teriakan tersebut lebih mengerikan jika dilihat di youtube, percaya deh!Niknak membenci Delia, suaminya (pemegang saham mayoritas juga) dan semua orang yang duduk di manajemen klub yang meminjamkan pemainpemain lokal mereka yang bagus ke klub lain dan memainkan pemain kelas teri Tidak heran Norwich harus berjuang keras tidak terdegradasi ke League One.