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Another great book I am really enjoying this series Going to read 5 now.I love how Adri, Alec Taggart, Issac, Shawn etc interact with each other All the politics, planning and scheming that goes on Really well written and enjoyable I won t spoil the ending but it s not quite what I was expecting This series really keeps me guessing about how it all fits together and makes me want to keep reading to see how it will all end. I love the storyline and the twist of story between the 2 series Love all these books. (Free E-pub) ¾ Shattered ⛈ A hidden world full of danger and love A powerful dream walker, Adriana Paige spends her time reaching into other people s dreams and ferreting out terrible secrets the rebellion desperately needs Someday she ll become the perfect weapon if she survives the dangerous forces hunting her Her survival hinges on her friends her friends and alpha shape shifter Alec Graves Alec brings along dangerous enemies of his own, but Adri can t get him out of her mind Gorgeous, loyal, and compassionate Alec is worth fighting for But with both of them on the run and hundreds of miles separating them, things started out just this side of impossible, and they are about to get much worse A new player wants to control Adri and they re willing to go after the people she cares most about in order to force her hand