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~Read Pdf ♃ Sharks Have Feelings Too ☼ Sharks Have Feelings Too is a Book Report on Why We Must Save Sharks The book looks like it was made in Microsoft paint and there s some grammatical issues, but it was dirt cheap and hilarious, which is why I bought it, so it s a win. The single greatest novel ever written This book changed my outlook on life Be a shark, not a snake Brick by brick salt of the earth go pres go Good bookGo pres goSalt of the earthBrick by brickSlice by sliceKing of the beachViva la stool Snakes jump out of bushes Sharks don t ENOUGH SAID Brilliant Clearly outlined and identified the major issues at hand in the shark vs snake debate David mounts a very compelling argument in favor of sharks, WITHOUT showering them with favoritism Mr Portnoy is an asset to the shark specialist community, I eagerly await his next publication. Pres Does it AgainDave Portnoy El Pres Genius Brain so big his skull hurts Thinks of genius ideas in his sleep while mere mortals have dreams This is the man you fear will steal your girlfriend away from you What else can I say The book Fantastic read The man just puts things in perspective Big Cat will probably die of obesity and KFC from being a Mets Knicks Jets Isles fan The facts that we kill 100 million sharks a year is pretty crazy GoPresGo A masterpiece in every measurable wayI went into this book thinking I hated sharks Now I only hate kfc and bigcat for feeding me misinformation and perpetuating shark hatred. PerfectGreat book, really comprehensive Author knows what he is talking about and I learned a lot Save the Sharks Viva. 6.9 5 Being a barstool fan for a longgg time, this books hit home and brought so maybe stupid giggles and laughs I can hear El Pres talking in my head as i read it The pictures of KFC and BC were the greatest though, just shitting on his friends and coworkers openly in a book is fantastic.