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#Download Ebook Ú Servicing the Wargs (Monster Erotica) ⚜ Lady Lioneur of Fleurmont dreams of a future with her beloved Ser Luc DuValette He is handsome, charming, and their love for one another is pure and bright With their wedding on the horizon, Lioneur s deepest wishes are on the cusp of becoming reality When her home city is sacked by the Orcish Horde, Lioneur s rosy future turns bleak in a heartbeat Getting captured by brutish invaders is merely the start of her humiliating ordeal There is a vast Orc Army lusty after bloody battle, and they also intend to see to the needs of their beasts The Orcs throw Lioneur into one of many Warg pens, where ravening monsters with depraved desires howl for satisfaction Can delicate Lioneur survive another night