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My dudes, this book was something.Okay so the only time I actually like romance in a book is if it starts off with hate Dude I love hate So obviously I was very excited for this book and it did not disappoint well at least the first 300 pages didn t.The thing is, I really liked Reid at first because I thought he was chivalrous and all but there s a difference between chivalry and being a dumbass and our beloved Reid is a cringey dumbass.The romance was sudden and cringey and made me want to puke Maybe it s my INTP side, maybe the romance is awful Reid is a very touchy guy like, dude, sheesh, back off.The last 200 hundred pages are a bit of a mess The twists were just thrown in all together creating a big mush.Still, there are quite a few things I enjoyed about this book.Lou and Coco s friendship is to die for I actually enjoyed it than the romance between Lou and Reid.Then there is the whole witches thing My dude that was exciting And last but not least, Lou She is quirky and smart and a badass.There s also some other bits but it d get too spoilery.Writing this review taught me two things 1 I did not hate this book as much as I thought I did.2 I am one bitter hag.My Blog Holy Fuck deceased Full review to come. #Download Pdf ⚶ Serpent & Dove é Bound as one to love, honor, or burn.Two years ago, Louise le Blanc fled her coven and took shelter in the city of Cesarine, forsaking all magic and living off whatever she could steal There, witches like Lou are hunted They are feared And they are burned.Sworn to the Church as a Chasseur, Reid Diggory has lived his life by one principle thou shalt not suffer a witch to live His path was never meant to cross with Lou s, but a wicked stunt forces them into an impossible union holy matrimony.The war between witches and Church is an ancient one, and Lou s most dangerous enemies bring a fate worse than fire Unable to ignore her growing feelings, yet powerless to change what she is, a choice must be made.And love makes fools of us all This is a previously published edition of ISBN 9780062878021 An alternate cover edition can be found here. for the first time ever, i picked up a book without knowing anything about it i didnt read the synopsis, not the back cover, nothing and i have no idea if thats why im rating this so highly because everything was such an exciting surprise or what, but wow this had me hooked the first thing that i noticed right away was the writing my gosh, this does not read like a debut novel this feels as if its written by a seasoned fantasy author its utterly divine and the content is sooo magical its totally giving off massive salem witch trial vibes, but set in old france there are some moments where the religion aspect of the anti witch stance gets to be a bit much, but i understand why its included it helps with some character arcs, so i get it but overall, this surprised and excited me at every turn i definitely need to start picking up books and going into them blind, because it proved to be such a wonderful reading experience 10 10 would recommend 4.5 stars I wasn t attending to the star giving auctions for too long but finally I FOUND A oh no I couldn t find an adjective to express my feelings about this book Fantastic No Too weak Extraordinary No Not emphasizing my emotions enough Okay let s get over this auction as I resume my brain storming to find the right words One zillion stars Did I hear three zillion What the hell Five gazillion What One jillion, one jillion Okay two, three jillion Oh the read head crazy lady already wrote 5 squillion starred review check SOLD I still haven t found an adjective to describe how I fell in love with this book and it will need to be removed from my hands with an operation at the hospital because I accidentally glued my fingers as an answer to my husband tried too hard to pull it back and force me to sleep Sorry pal, too many books not enough time is motto of my life The reasons for a passionate real reader to fall in love with this book are Amazing story telling, fast pacing progression, heartbreakingly enjoyable, likable, adorable characterizations, satisfyingly well rounded improvisations Main character Lou is a freaking WITCH falls in love with her own hunter, chausseur Reid Yes, there is flaming, undeniable chemistry, forbidden, impossible, heart wrecking, angsty, edgy love story The enemies to lovers and becoming every adorable thing of each other kind of heart throbbing, sweet stories are always my big winners Lou is witty, brave, tough, badass witch you want to choose to be on your side because she is dangerous than she looks And my dear Reid Diggory, charming, sweet chivalry in his shining fitting armor is one of the most loyal and genuine men in the earth He still wants to protect Lou which is so noble intention as you consider the woman is already trained enough to protect herself as well.This is amazing journey took place in 18th century France Do I need another reason to add for liking this book O lala Now I m sipping my Sancerre that I saved for special occasions I know my husband will kill me not wait for his birthday to change the bottle with cheap grape juice and absorbing each words slowly by touching the pages gently I bought its ten hardcover copies to share it my friends but I decided I love this book so much and I ll keep all copies with me Please don t tell my husband, I used his credit card that I borrowed to buy him plane tickets for his business trip which I didn t Shh This book makes you clap your hands with joy It makes you smile, gives your soul a genuine laughter, brushes your heart gently and also makes you eat all your nails at the edgy parts and finally makes you jump up and down at your seat with its emotional turmoil.Oh I felt like non stop talking PR person and exhausted already to find better words to describe my love about this book but I m not good at talking I m a mediocre writer but I m a quite lover of reading extra amazing fantastic books.THIS IS ONE of THEM AND SO FAR THIS YEAR S BEST FANTASY BOOK I VE EVER READ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT ONLY FOR GENRE FANS BUT ALSO FOR ALL GOOD READERS THIS BOOK FUCKING CURED MY NINA AND MATTHIAS DEFICIENCYIT S LIKE A MARRIAGE BETWEEN MANORIAN AND NITTHIASMINAAEMIC PATIENTS WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR WITCH BLOOD DESCENDENTS WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR DO NOT DISGRACE YOUR ANCESTORS insert Ellie Goulding quoteOH AND PLEASE TAKE THIS IN HIGH DOSES 49 TIMES A DAYP.S i have a weird satisfaction saying these words witch s blood WOWWW This was amazing What a stunning d but I did NOT think, going into this, that it would be earning itself a place on my favourites shelf If uni hadn t been such a hindrance lol whyyy , I d have absolutely torn through this in one sitting If this is what Shelby Mahurin has to offer, I m excited for what s to come in the future This was an enemies to lovers romance, reminiscent of Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows aka my OTP of the series , but instead of Grisha, Lou was a witch and Reid was a witch hunter Setting the book in a 17th century French esque world as in the Loudun Witch Trials really added to the atmosphere of the story Also, the French student in me really enjoyed the smattering of French words throughout the book, hehe This forbidden love story was so compelling and addicting However, I will say that this book is definitely upper YA, as there is an explicit sex scene and tonnes of profanity, so be forewarned In this new world of Belterra, witches are hunted by order of the king The Chasseurs are responsible for hunting them down and burning them at the stake After fleeing her coven, Les Dames Blanches, Lou resorts to a life of thievery on the streets Unfortunately, one bad event leads to another and she finds herself forced into marriage to the Chasseur, Reid From then on, she struggles to hide her identity from her husband a man who would see her dead if he knew what she was while also coming to terms with her growing feelings for him This pagan witchcraft novel was so well done and perfect for this time of year, so I can t wait for the sequel to be released next year I d recommend it to fans of Uprooted, Strange Grace, and The Near Witch. 1 serpent dove 2 blood honey tbr ahh i love this book so freaking much and i ve been walking on air since i finished it this is an impressive debut novel that doesnt feel like one at all bcs of how outstanding the author s writing craftsmanship is im not good with summarizing, but basically this book is about two sworn enemies who, after a stunt gone wrong, are forced into a matrimony however, there s to this book than just the slow burn enemies to lovers blooming romance.it has a distinct magic system, bloody action sequences, constant dilemmas between right and wrong, a strong female friendship, heart jolting plot twists, an unlikely alliance among different sets of characters, an alluring 17th century french inspired setting, and so much.reading this book had been a living on cloud nine kind of experience you know that stinging sensation you get in your chest when you feel excited and touched by something well this book gave me lots and lots of that zap in my chest i am now obsessed i would strongly recommend you to READ THIS BOOK but please don t let the hype get to you i would hate for it to ruin the surprise for you just start the book with an open mind, and let it do its job to wow you CHARACTERS LOUISE le BLANC is the REAL FUCKING DEAL i love her to the moon and back she s sassy, spunky, clever, strong, independent with the threat of her terrorizing past looming over her head and the chasseur incessantly hunting down for witches to burn, lou s safety hangs in the balance i love seeing her inner turmoil and how she slowly learns to view things from different perspectives, including that of her enemies she s so relentless in her pursuit to stay alive that she s willing to do whatever it takes to survive and i really admire this about her REID DIGGORY is a SWOON WORTHY IDIOT that s an insult laced with flattery if you ever heard one his character lacks complexity, but i still like him nonetheless i mean, even i am not immune to pompous jerks with anger management issues i found reid s hatred towards the witches to be a little unconvincing a lot of his reasons come from what he saw being done to other people instead of his own personal traumatic experience he was also raised to hate them, which i can admit is understandable but also really judgemental on his part RELATIONSHIPS I LIVE FOR THIS SHIP the romance between lou and reid is everything i love every single moment they have together their banter is off the charts and super entertaining their tension and emotional complexity could use some improvement also, reid s inner turmoil when he found out lou was a witch lasted too short i think it s because the author decided to reveal this detail to his character a little too late nearing the ending phase that reid didnt have enough time to be conflicted and reprocessed his shattered belief regardless, their dynamic is satisfying WHERE CAN I GET A BEST FRIEND LIKE COCO she s such a confident badass i love seeing her friendship with lou she s always so supportive and resourceful seeing these two teaming up and doing all kinds of shenanigans together really warmed my heart we need of this strong female friendship portrayal in books they re seriously bffs goals also, since the next book is going to explore about coco s type of magic and her aunt s coven, i hope to learn about coco and her past im still undecided which one of ansel and beau i ship her with STORY AND OTHER ELEMENTS i would say that the first of the book, the plot is relatively weak due to lou and reid s new relationship and living arrangement after hitting the halfway mark, the plot quickly arises during the climax of the story which marks the crack in lou and reid s relationship as well as signals the coming war between the witches and the church the ending phase is filled with action sequences ultimately the book finishes with a somewhat solid ending that s not entirely a cliffhanger but still holds a series of unanswered lingering questions it s enough to give us the anticipation for the sequel i also have to give credits to the writing bcs the author s brilliance really shone through it s easy to read and highly addictive i feel like even if the other elements of the story were poorly done, i wouldve still kept reading bcs of the writing the other thing i d like to mention is the 17th century french inspired setting idk much about french, its history and culture but what little of this book has shown really captivated me i can only hope that the french ambiance will get prominent and atmospheric in the next installment 4.5 Few things compare to that feeling you get after finishing a book that lived up to your expectations Ever since I read the blurb of this book I knew I was going to love this and I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED.It had everything I adore addictive easy writing enemies to lovers marriage of convenience witch witch hunter romance slow burn intricate magical system heart warming female friendship morally grey characters inner battle of right and wrongIn the land of Belterra witches are burned at the stake and the Chasseur Witchhunters , with the Archbishop as their leader, are ruthless Their number one rule Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.Two years ago Lou left her coven for reasons I shan t go into and was forced to live a life of suppressing her magical nature and living in constant vigilence She has to do what she can to survive That being lie, steal and kill if necessary For life is hard in the city of Cesarine, especially for a woman She s managed to live for two years undetected She was careful up until one burglary gone wrong set the wheels in motion With the Chasseur on her tail and enemies of her past close on her heels, Lou slips up again and ends up in a compromising position with the Caption of the Chasseur The Archbishop comes up with a solution Lou can either go to prison for the rest of her life or she can marry the Captain and save his virtuous reputation Lou, being the smart girl she is, chooses marriage to the handsome Captain Diggory Being married to a Chasseur also grants her the protection she desperately needs from those who also hunt her.Reid Diggory is a dedicated witch hunter Despite his views on witches, he is honorable and loyal It was such a pleasure reading about him He is so set in his ways and it was amazing to see him loosen up and change.The beginning was really funny as neither of them trusted the other and they were always bickering Watching as Reid and Lou s relationship slowly blossomed, how they opened up and became than two people stuck in an unwanted marriage was so beautiful I knew who you were I knew what you believed and I fell in love with you anyway Their relationship reminded me so much of Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows So if you loved those two, you re gonna love this I d actually tag this as of a New Adult than YA A warning for the youngins or for anyone not comfortable with it there is an explicit sex scene Kinda like ACOMAF The romance is a big part of this story but Lou has a part to play in the war between humans and witches and we re always made aware of what could happen if Lou s enemies were to find her This whole story revolves around the Church against the Witches I liked that neither side was portrayed as comepletly good or comepletly bad Each side despicable a twisted perversion of what should ve been Each side suffering Each side capable of great evil And then there was me.I looked around at the worshippers once the men and women who pleaded for mercy and cried for my blood on the same breath How could both be in their hearts One of the most important things for me when reading is whether I connect with the characters And I feel like the author did a fantastic job in that regard I felt their joy and their inner turmoil and by the end I would give an organ for any of these precious characters They might ve all been hypocrites, but I was the biggest of all I just loved everything about this book The romance the action the plot twists IT WAS BRILLIANTLY DONE I could go on and on about how much I love this book but I think I ll stop now.Publication Date 3 September 2019 Quotes might change after final publication Many thanks to the publishers and edelweiss for this ARC 4.5 Stars Such a beautifully rich fantasy debut I was so pleasantly surprised to find how attached I became to the characters and overall story This is not a book you are going to want to miss Full review to come I received a copy of this book from Harper Teen in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own