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Now now I ve never read one story involving a snake serpent shifter.And especially not one as cute as that one if you can overlook all the non con issues due their different worlds and realities Amazing world building Gorgeous cover The only reason the rating is not higher it s because of some basic grammar mistakes that even I couldn t let it go Running to get my hands on the next one [[ Free ]] ↱ Seized by the Shape-Shifting Serpent ↠ A young man, Tian, travels into a different universe by accident The land is filled with danger, cruelty, and vicious intentions It is a world of kill or be killed a world where only the strongest can survive The only sentient beings the shapeshifters, also need to rely on their animal forms to thriveShifters are intelligent like humans, but their culture remains brutal and wild They possess animal features even in human forms, and most of them still consume raw animal meatAt first, Tian thought he was going to be eaten by the monster snake Then he thought the snake was keeping him as a pampered pet However, when the snake turned into a man, Tian soon knew he was wrong againWait, what do you mean that I am your female Oblivious to the true danger of the forest, Tian s desire to escape grows rapidly with the serpent s increasing affectionFocuses of the storyLove and trust development between the human and the serpent shifterFinding replacements for food and tools in a primeval forestMystical creatures and their conflicts on this fantasy land BookGuiding a struggling tribe to prosperity and spread modern knowledgeWarning dubious consent rape , shapeshifting, inhuman genitalia, violent, unrequited loveTags Alternate universe, dark fantasy, paranormal supernatural, hurt comfort, straight turns gay, romance, one sided love at first sight, power imbalance, jealous partner, possessive behaviorWord count , for Book Was pretty goodSome typos but overall I like the story wish the author had done some dialogue fixing by separating into paragraphs so we know who s talking I feel like there could be at least 4 books with this series Hope to read book 2 now Some issues but impressive world building.