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[[ Read Book ]] ⚡ See You Later Alligator ã A humorous and fast paced story about how a group of clever swamp animals pluck up the courage to outsmart the bossy alligator Young readers will enjoy the suspense and feel empowered when the smaller swamp animals successfully outwit the SNAP SNAP SNAPPITY SNAP alligator 3.5 stars Alligator loves nothingthan scaring the other animals half to death Duck, turtle, frog and stork decide they ve had enough and hatch a plan to make alligator see the error of his ways Will they succeed A fairly straightforward story, but good illustrations and repeated sounds make it engaging. Lovely book when a huge alligator snaps at every animal that tries to approach the swamp water, duck, turtle and frog have had enough They come together to create a huge swamp monster in hopes of scaring away the alligator Their plan works and the alligator runs off and away from the swamp A fun read particularly for lower KS1. What a fun book We totally loved the creative swamp monster and the way it scared away the mean alligator The illustrations are amazing and the book teaches little ones about being nice and creative.It is also a good one for pre readers as it is composed of simple sight words