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FOUR AND A HALF STARS This is a very clearly written and straight forward manual for therapists who want to knowabout Sandtray and how to use it in their practice It was a great foundation to read before I did an in person training on this subject and I will definitely be referring to it now that I m using the technique with clients A must have for any therapist interested in Sandtray. A required text for a course I took in sandtray, it was a good read, I really liked it As it says there in the title, it s very practical and a good guide for using this intervention. I read this book for class I love it I have no background with sandtray therapy, so this was my first introduction It made me excited to learnabout this type of therapy, and I feel it would be a really useful practical resource to keep as a student and eventually as a practitioner. Very practical, very helpful and a wonderful introduction and basis for Sandtray therapy work Includes information ranging from statistics to necessary figurines categorized to create your starting set A must read for anyone introducing Sandtray as a modality in their therapy practice. ( EPUB ) ☧ Sandtray Therapy: A Practical Manual ♑ This new edition of Sandtray Therapy is an essential read for professionals and students who wish to incorporate the use of sandtray therapy into their work with clients of all ages All aspects of this therapeutic technique are explored engagingly and in detail The authors describe how to select appropriate types of sand, put together a sandtray, and develop a collection of miniatures for their clients to use Their six step protocol guides beginners through a typical session, including room set up, creation of the client s sandtray and the therapist s role, processing the sandtray, cleanup, and post session documentation New chapters discuss group sandtray therapy, working with couples and families, sandtray therapy and psychic trauma, integrating cognitive and structural techniques, and a review of the relevant research Numerous photos of sandtrays and miniatures are provided, and case studies illustrate how to carry out an effective session Appendices offer sample forms and handouts, as well as a detailed bibliography to help readers make the most of this innovative and creative therapy practice Great practical information on skills, prep, and the process of sandtray therapy. Very practical overviewThis was an easy to read summary of sand tray therapy This book has a lot of helpful information in it. I was skeptical of this type of therapy before experiencing it myself The way sandtray taps into the unconscious is pretty unreal my first time experiencing it left me in tears no regrets Dr Homeyer teaches in the Professional Counseling program at Texas State University and she is absolutely a guru in the field of sandtray therapy If you plan to utilize sandtray in your practice, this is a definite must read. GREAT practical book Thumbs up on a great technique and a lot of fun to do with little kids.