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[[ Free Epub ]] ⇲ Sam Weskit on the Planet Framingham ⇶ Join the crew all kidnapped, you understand of the space ship, Branigan s Brainchild, in their adventures on the planet Framinghamthe wackiest space mission yet Meet Bull Branigan, president of TIC, toy manufacturer extraordinary, who longs for the planet Framingham because it has no taxes and who secretly has had a space ship built byFargus Yard, TIC s chief engineer genius, graduate of Harvard, red haired, chubby cheeked, and twelve years old, who is as surprised by their destination asSam Weskit, executive vice president of TIC, who didn t know about the spaceship, Branigan s Brainchild, and who wants only to stay on Earth especially after he meetsMarcia McAdoo, girl reporter, who has her very own newspaper column called Here and There, and who is very indignant at being kidnapped in the space ship because she has no interest in other planets at all And besides, she will miss her deadline