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This was an amazing book I got it for Christmas and read it like a fiend and reread it a million times This book explains the true stories of the world s most outrageous cons and scams This includes people like Victor Lustig, who sold the Eiffel Tower, twice and Frank Abangale Jr., who s criminal life inspired the movie Catch Me if You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Abangale. A truly awesome read of a very daring guy in Roger Cook to hunt down these conmen The chapter in this book that stands out to me is when he hunted down John Goldfinger Palmer who turned out to put a lot of money for a gunman to assainate Roger Cook |Download Book ♪ Roger Cook's Ten Greatest Conmen: True Stories of the World's Most Outrageous Scams ☹ From the very first recorded con the Elizabethan era Spanish Prisoner Scam to today s hi tech online swindles, grifters have become ever inventive in their scope, scale, and ambition This enthralling collection surveys the men and women who invented the most extraordinary scams of all time Their stories are remarkable, including the tale of Gregor McGregor, the man who invented a fictional South American country, raised international loans on its behalf, and sold much of its nonexistent land to would be settlers in the s Also included are the tales of Eric Hebborn, the master forger who conned the art world into buying thousands of his fakes Arthur Ferguson, who sold Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the White House to gullible American investors and Frank Abagnale Jr the real life Catch Me If You Can conman who successfully impersonated a pilot, a teacher, a lawyer, and a pediatrician while swindlingmillion acrosscountries This insightful guide unveils how these professional swindlers fooled countless individuals into handing over their cash, and reveals the techniques developed by the police to bring them to justice