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Short novella about what happened to Leonid, the servant boy who was saved in the previous book about the Romanov family in 1918 Russia It takes place in the time bubble in Leonid s POV while he and Katherine, Chip, Daniella and Maria wait for Jonah and Gavin to recuperate in their hospital bubble.This is a very melancholy story but it s interesting to see the confusion as he tries to understand and adapt to his new reality.Fave scenes handkerchiefs vs Kleenex and stealing the Elucidator. This book is a prelude to Book 7 of the latest in The Missing series written by Margaret Peterson It is about a rescue of several of the Romanov children of the Russian Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra, and a teenage male servant Leonid This rescue involved JB a time agent and carried out by several of the children who have become regulars in Haddix s books Leonid tells the story in present tense of their rescue and introduction into the future. 3.5 stars Leonid is a great character. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Hi A short, intense, and heartwarming transition from Book 6 Leonid faces a conflict that many of of face, feeling insignificant History was not changed through his disappearance a decade too early, so why did he deserve to live Haddix addresses another philosophical question like this in yet another satisfying addition to her series. Nice background story for an otherwise unknown characterThis short story was a great background story It was a quick read, and it took me less than an hour to read It dealt with an otherwise small character It was fun to see what happened to the two characters who weren t originally saved from time I also appreciated the emphasis on choosing to live your life. Margaret writes about a teenager from 1918 who is waiting in a time hollow to go to the 21st century.Rescued was a book written with a great perspective of a confused time traveler from the past who longs to see his dearest friends from his native time. If I could give a half star I would have rated this 3.5 It was worth reading because the protagonist wasn t any of the main characters from the books Leonid was well developed in such a short time It made the moral of the story just a littleprofound I am worth living and I want to live. {Free Epub} Ì Rescued Þ Rescued, an e short story related to the Missing series, will be available AugustRescued provides a bridge between RISKED and REVEALEDReturn to the world of The Missing with an original e short story Katherine and Jonah have just saved the Grand Duchesses Anastasia and Maria, as well as their brother the tsarevitch Alexei Romanov Although the Romanovs are devastated that they lost the rest of their family, they are happy that they still have each other and are safe But they weren t the only ones saved Leonid, Alexei s faithful servant and friend, was also whisked away to the time hollow Will he be able to accept his fate This was a great bridge book As a reader I wanted to know right away what happened to everyone after Katherine saved the characters at the end of the last book This helped to fill in the gaps and provided a great view from a character who is not a normally a time traveler.