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Minus one star because after Clark has dated Lois and been attracted to and had relationships with other women Lana the fic acts like Clark has been hiding being gay this whole time because now he s developing his relationship with Lex But no mention of bisexuality, because clearly straight and gay are the only options eyeroll Very cute, although it fell into the fan fiction trap of not describing people, just figuring everyone reading it will have watched the relevant shows. 3.25 starsThe usual Superman s dumbness is here a littlepardonable And Lex is a bit too fluffy In general I don t watch many TV Shows In particular I don t like Superman, I never endured him too, I always found he dumb on comics, movies, TV shows consequently I hardly read or watched them.The good side I can read this almost as a totally independent story and, from that angle, it looks all right Good writing also add up. One of my favorite Clark Lex stories. This Smallville fanfic is fun a blast from the past to re read Astolat gives good fic. ^Pdf ☘ Reconcilable Differences ⇻ Fanfiction Smallville DC ComicsPairing Clark Kent Lex LuthorSummary Luthor Family Values, words complete