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Jin had the sort of smile that would turn over whole empires to the enemy that made me feel like suddenly I understood him exactly, even though I knew nothing about him I was so certain I would love this book A Middle Eastern fantasy with djinn, magic and mythical horses It s like a unique and delicious recipe for exactly the kind of book I would love And yet, for the first two thirds, I was so painfully bored I very nearly DNFed it.Rebel of the Sands does pick up toward the end when the real fantasy and magic elements are finally introduced to the story It takes a very long time to get there, though, and the journey is a slow one.I m willing to admit that part of my problem with this book is a personal one On two levels 1 Firstly, I just did not like the fusion of Arabian mythology with a Western setting By Western , I mean cowboys, shoot outs, saloons, etc I didn t think it worked and, if you ask me, it succeeded in taking an area of the world that is oft unexplored in modern fantasy and westernizing it.2 For the most part, this book mirrors the plot of the stream of other Westerns we ve seen lately Maybe I would have liked it had I not already read the first two thirds in Walk on Earth a Stranger, Vengeance Road and Under a Painted Sky My initial excitement over this return to the Western genre is petering out, because it seems that everyone is telling the same story Badass, gun toting heroine who, though pretty cool, is exactly the same in each book Absent or dead parents forcing heroine to impersonate a cowboy and go on the road Long ass road trips, usually with accompanying hot dude This sums up the plot of each book I mentioned, as well as Rebel of the Sands And yes, I ll admit the other books may just have the advantage of being first but, for whatever reason, they were so much compelling than this one.The beginning is literally all about getting Amani and Jin on the road together Jin is an easy to spot love interest as early as page seven, when he is introduced with a detailed description of his bone structure rolls eyes , but the two have zero chemistry Because Amani has been desperate to leave her town and Jin is a wanted fugitive, the two hit the road in a blaze of drama.I think what this story lacks for a long time is an end goal I m not a big fan of journey books, for a start, but it is even worse when I have no clue what we re moving towards, or what we should be concerned about The bigger story emerges later, but by then I was bored and tired of reading about Amani and Jin riding around together and almost making out.I have no interest in the sequel.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store 4.5 stars Guys, meet your new favorite historical fantasy series This book has spectacular world building, nimble dialogue, finely drawn characters, and epic battles with magic not to mention so much chemistry between the main characters that the air is practically charged with the irresistible pull between them This is that sweeping story and romance you might ve wanted from THE WRATH AND THE DAWN but didn t quite get I loved the writing, I loved the characters, and I loved that everyone here, good or bad, believed in something bigger than themselves I hope like hell this makes a lot of bestseller lists It deserves it And holy hell, it s a debut So excited for books from this author, and for this story to continue More of a review to come. 3.75 Review on my channel to come Let me start by saying I don t give out 5 stars easily It has to be a book I find nothing wrong with, absolutely love, and plan on reading again and again Rebel of the Sands does all of that About halfway through I was freaking out because I wanted a sequel so badly I knew I would need way of this world and the characters I seriously cannot recommend this book enough.The story starts with a shooting competition Amani is disguised as a boy and needs to win in order to finally have enough money to escape Dustwalk and travel all the way to Izman, the place her mother always told stories about It was said to be a place where a girl could be free and make her own choices Her mother died almost a year ago leaving Amani to live with her aunt and uncle They are awful Her uncle wants to marry her off so he no longer has to take care of her, but is debating marrying her himself Dustwalk is clearly a dead end town for a girl It make sense that she would rather die trying to escape the town Amani meets a mysterious foreigner who appears to bring the perfect opportunity for her to finally leave She has no clue her world is about to be changed forever.Amani is a very tough, feisty badass chick She has attitude and a smart mouth, but is determined, strong, and compassionate She is also incredible with a gun quite the sharp shooter She s actually my favorite heroine in a ya book in quite some time.Every single chapter ended with something that kept me needing to read If I could have, I wouldn t have ever put the book down The writing is completely engaging, while the world building is original and exciting The desert nation of Miraji has stories that read like folktales with all this mythology seeped in This is where the fantasy genre comes into play There is magic and immortal creatures like skinwalkers and nightmares that roam the desert There is also a rebellion with a rebel prince plotting to take back his rightful throne.There is a whole lot going on, but it all flows together nicely I enjoyed meeting all of the characters within the story There aren t too many to remember, but you definitely meet plenty throughout I am excited to see where the story goes in the second book I felt like Rebel of the Sands ended nicely without any crazy cliffhangers, but still left you wanting to read There was a nice slow burning romance that actually felt real the way it developed The chemistry at one point had me swooning That just doesn t happen with me, so consider me hooked I cannot wait to see where it all goes.This western twist on an arabic inspired setting works perfectly. I fell right in love with this freaking book I don t usually like sand books that s what I call them, lol, but I loved this one so much It was such a different take on anything I have read We have Amani who is dead on with a gun and she s wanting to get out of her town and away from her evil uncle and his wives and kids It s not a very good living situation and she wants to get out before she is married off or married to her uncle Hell to the no Amani enters a gun contest one night when she sneaks out She s trying to make money to get the hell out of dodge She ends up meeting a newcomer named, Jin They eventually team up and hit the road Although, it takes a bit for them to trust each other and what not Amani was lucky enough to capture a Buraqi which is a beautiful sand horse and if the person who touches it turns it into a real horse, it is theirs Well of course, since women can t own a damn thing, Amani would have to give it to her sorry uncle Anyhoo, things happen and Amani and Jin head out of town on said, Buraqi I totally loved the world, the characters, the quests, pretty much everything I loved that there were shapeshifters, Djinni, Demdji, Ghouls, and I m sure I left something out but you get the idea It was such a fun ride Oh and it was pretty awesome to find out that Amani wasn t just a normal girl after all MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Oh, good lord this book was boring This is a spaghetti Western meets Middle Eastern fantasy and it is just as bad as it sounds Ok, I guess it wasn t terrible terrible, but it is so excruciatingly dull Awhile back, Walk On Earth A Stranger came out It was also a Western, and it was also super fucking boring But apparently a lot of people loved it I wasn t one of them.Aside from the Middle Eastern magic thingy, there are a few similarities between this book and Walk On Earth A Stranger.1 Girl with special skills power growing up in a place where she s different and special2 Girl has no parents dead parents3 Girl disguises herself to get the fuck out of Dodge4 Girl falls in with a guy who can t possibly be the romantic interest Not5 Girl goes on a long ass, unending, again, excruciatingly dull road trip to get to wherever the fuck she s supposed to goJudging from the high ratings for this book and Walk On Earth A Stranger, clearly people like this stuff It s just not for me.Read this review and The Book Eaters I really enjoyed this It was a very cool world and culture to be immersed in Now that being said I didn t absolutely love it, but it was entertaining *Free ↙ Rebel of the Sands ↠ Amani non ha mai avuto dubbi sempre stata sicura che prima o poi avrebbe trovato una via di fuga dal deserto spietato e selvaggio in cui nata Andarsene sempre stato nei suoi piani Quello che invece non si aspettava era di dover fuggire per salvarsi la vita, in compagnia di un ricercato per alto tradimentoTiratrice infallibile, per guadagnare i soldi necessari a realizzare il suo sogno Amani partecipa infatti a una gara di tiro travestendosi da uomo Tra gli avversari, il pi temibile Jin, uno straniero sfrontato, misterioso e affascinante Troppo tardi Amani scoprir che Jin un personaggio chiave nella lotta senza quartiere tra il Sultano di Miraji e il figlio in esilio, il Principe Ribelle Presto i due si troveranno a scappare attraverso un deserto durissimo e meraviglioso, popolato di personaggi e creature stupefacenti come i bellissimi e pericolosi Buraqi, fatti di sabbia e vento ma destinati a trasformarsi in magnifici destrieri per chi abbia l ardire di domarli i giganteschi rapaci Roc indomite donne guerriere dalla pelle color oro e sacerdoti capaci di leggere i ricordi altrui nell acqua Quando Amani e Jin si troveranno di fronte alle rovine di una citt annientata da un fuoco di calore innaturale capiranno che la posta in gioco pi alta di quanto pensassero Amani dovr decidere se unirsi alla rivoluzione e capire se davvero quello che vuole lasciarsi alle spalle il suo deserto Tell me that and we ll go Right now Save ourselves and leave this place to burn Tell me that s how you want your story to go and we ll write it straight across the sand Rebel of the Sands is one of the most delightful and thrilling books i ve read in a long time this tiny, beautiful gem of a book is now one of my absolute favorites and i was left completely speechless after i d finished it first off, i rarely mention this in reviews but this book checks off all the boxes for aesthetics the cover is so pretty just to look at all that glitter and sparkle and the BLUE AND GOLDEN COLORS and i ll be the first person to admit that i absolutely buy books by judging their covers occasionally read frequently.we begin with one of the most riveting opening scenes i ve read in a long time the story begins with amani al hiza disguised as a boy, about to take part in a gun shooting competition to escape Dustwalk, the dead end desert town she lives in, she needs to win the prize money so that she can flee to Izman, the great capital city, where it s said that a girl can be free and make her own choices it s essential that she gets the hell out, and quickly, because she discovered a few days before that her repulsive uncle wants to marry her yikes what amani isn t counting on is the mysterious foreigner jin fate intertwines their destinies when they become temporary allies at the competition before long, amani finds herself traveling across the desert with jin while caught up in a tangled web of politics, rebellion, myth and romance.amani was a breath of fresh air she was a wonderful, gutsy, snarky heroine without being a mary sue and i fell in love with her fiery personality very quickly.amani completely redefines badassery she s an amazing female lead who s a wicked shot as well as sassy and smart amani dreams of escaping her abusive relatives to carve out her own path in life and discover her own personal kind of awesome she s defying every stereotype about females in the book and crushing society s sexism beneath her heel and she s fierce and brave and loyal and loving and doesn t take nonsense from anyone don t get me wrong amani s definitely an imperfect heroine she s very reckless and makes mistakes but even though she makes mistakes, she acknowledges them and learns from them and never makes them again and this is what i call excellent character development.another thing i really loved about this book is THE SETTING rebel of the sands has a beautiful, carefully crafted plot woven with myths, ancient tales, desert fantasy, magic horses, rebel princes, and a touch of slow burn romance it s just the perfect blend to leave you swooning and turning the pages for the story is told with an addictive simplicity, and yet the world building was so well done and the fantasy was absolutely epic the mythology and ancient tales tied in so well with the direction of the plot and resulted in a tantalising sense of mystery that shadowed my reading throughout the book also, the storyline is highly addictive and the first chapter hooked me in like never before, transporting me into a scene of action immediately this continued throughout the entire book with every chapter ending in something that left me wanting to keep reading i know this is a tiny book, with only 300 pages but there was so much action packed into the pages and the best part is it didn t even feel annoying or exaggerated because it was so real i didn t see half the plot coming, but it was so realistic and engaging and set the blood thrumming in my veins with anticipation literally i tried to read whenever i could spare free time during college hours because i just had to know what happens next it left me on the edge of my seat, my heart pounding for the characters and rooting so hard for them and then before i knew it, i d flipped to the very last page and was left an awestruck mess, craving the sequel like a drug in the book, we re brought to a desert country named Miraji, where mythical desert creatures rule the sands and a missing rebel prince is preparing to reclaim his throne here s a quick guide to the desert s creatures taken from the official website Djinnis One of God s First Beings men made of out of smokeless fire The true rulers of the desert, their powers are both great and mysterious Travellers are warned to not trespass on their domain or disturb them in the desert And to always be polite to strangers lest they be a Djinni in disguise.Buraqi A horse fashioned out of sand and wind, the Buraqi run wild from one side of the desert to the other They may appear as black as the sand of a cool desert night or as brilliant red as a bloody dawn over a sand dune.Rocs Great birds the size of palaces that can darken the sun with their wings.Nightmares A breed of Ghoul that remains in the sands like an infestation, coming out only at night These creatures stalk sleeping on the wings of a bat, with the maw of a monster They crouch on a man s chest to inject him with venom that infects his mind and body, sending him into a terrible sleep.Skinwalkers If the Skinwalkers have a shape of their own it has long been forgotten, as they shift their form from that of one victim to another A Skinwalker is known to devour the flesh of an unsuspecting desert traveller, and then assume his form to prey on the rest of his travelling party this tale is really a breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre, with its Middle Eastern Arabic Persian desert setting and influences, and its intricate world building that leaves you hooked and makes you feel like you re in the fictional world itself i ve honestly not encountered such a well thought out fantasy for a while romance is alluded to very subtly in the summary, and hinted at in the book, but it never takes up a major part of the book, and neither does it slow down the plot at all i loved it even purely for that reason amani and jin start out as uncertain allies, except amani is adamant that doesn t need a man and constantly tries to escape from jin because she doesn t trust him But then through a number of plot twists, they end up together again, traveling across the desert with a caravan, supposedly on an alternative route to Izman i enjoyed watching their friendship so much, reading their snarky banter back and forth amani she s such a queen of sass and it definitely didn t turn into a steamy romance at all instead, alwyn hamilton chooses to focus on the gripping action of the plot, while including some intense moments between amani and jin which hint at their budding romance this makes the book so much riveting, and the blossoming relationship between amani and jin very sneaky, but no less sweet they do share a kiss or two but even with their romance not being the main focus, I STILL SHIP THESE TWO SO HARD, MY PRECIOUS CHILDREN PLEASE LET ME PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS the ending of rebel of the sands was something else a perfect balance of I M CRYING THIS WAS SO LOVELY and OMG GIVE ME MORE for now there isn t a cliffhanger, but i m pretty sure there will be one in the next book but this was great, because at least i didn t have to live in suspense for the next year rebel of the sands is a fantastic debut, a book i loved to pieces after reading only a few pages it s a beautifully told young adult fantasy with characters that stay with you long after you ve finished reading i really fell in love with amani and jin and all the supporting characters and I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW The world makes things for each place Fish for the sea, Rocs for the mountain skies, and girls with sun in their skin and perfect aim for a desert that doesn t let weakness live. First read of the year I quite enjoyed this and while it did take me a little while to get drawn into the story, I was definitely entertained.