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My favorite blogger on biggerpockets.com I think this will become a classic Kudos to biggerpockets for putting out some of best books in the real estate investing space Mr Van Horn knocked it out of the park with this one Will be waiting for the next one. I agree with a previous reviewer, the majority of this 200 page book is an autobiography of one individual s journey through real estate investing The early stories of using credit cards to invest in real estate is somewhat interesting, but not practical in today s time As far as the title of the book, Note Investing, the author does not begin to discuss the topic until page 139.Overall, the book is not very practical and not written well It rambles on, becomes redundant, and fails to offer concrete practical tips for real estate investors looking to find a new market. Purchased this book to learn about note investing Had to read through two thirds of the book before reaching to topic of notes Mr Van Horn is obviously a highly skilled and experienced real estate investor and entrepreneur I appreciated all the information and stories he shared A decent general real estate book but a bit disappointing with regards to note investing Did not deliver to my expectations. Dave Van Horn is known as a real estate notes expert, and the sections of the book on note investing made it as clear as a pretty complicated business can be If you re curious about note investing, this is a great place to start because the explanations, particularly of what an investor can do with non performing notes, are straightforward and the examples are helpful Despite the book s emphasis on note investing, the first half of it goes far beyond what note investing books cover, and this was actually my favorite part of the book This section covers a lot of ground, including hard money lending, using HELOCs, several sub strategies for owner financing, lease option deals, subject to deals and basically the main things a real estate investor would want to know about creative ways of getting deals done and maximizing the value of the deals you re already doing by thinking as much about the financing as you do about the properties Through it all, Dave laces his personal good, bad and ugly stories, and I liked the way he included actual documents from several of the deals he s done over the years All in all, this is a quick read, suitable for beginners to advanced investors, and it s the kind of book I ll come back to again when I want a refresher on the strategies Dave explained. Dave Van Horn s new book has offered me some serious gems of insight when it comes to my family s finances It was nice to be able to personalize Dave s experiences through his high and low points, what he did right and the obstacles he encountered along the way His strategy about paying for college with a note really struck a chord with me Being a mother of 5, I wish I read this when my first child went to college Rest assured, I will be trying this with my other children Professionally, I am looking forward to expanding my multiple streams of income so that someday after my kids are educated I can be a lady of leisure Great read with something for everyone. Ugh This was a painful read despite being pretty short Having read other BiggerPockets books, I had hoped this would be just as good It wasn t Instead of following the pattern found in the other BiggerPockets books I read where topics are clearly laid out with sub topics within, steps to take are listed, and sources of further information defined, the author fills nearly the whole of the 200 pages with his life story He literally spends than half the book telling us about his real estate career and all of the tricks he used to fund them which are no longer options today before getting around to the subject of the book The useful information is at the end.I suspect that he s emulating Kiyosaki s Rich Dad books, due to their popularity, but those ramble and repeat themselves Even Kiyosaki admits to being a poor writer By contrast, the anecdotes in Brandon Turner s Rental Property Investing are short and to the point and in total take less than 10% of the pages or so The other book I bought on this topic, Paper Profits , was shorter, but had information It wasn t perfect, but I haven t found the one on this subject that is yet That said, this book was better than How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off Break Into the Secret World of Note Investing which was one of those pamphlet sales pitch books , which should get 0 stars Fortunately, I borrowed my friend s since he was tossing it in the trash, which saved me that purchase mistake.In any case, since the author did eventually get around to talking about the subject, the book gets two stars. Dave does a great job of taking you on a journey of his investment career He talks about his mistakes and his big wins I love the if I could do it over again that he brings to the journey Not only that, Dave seems to want to educate inspiring investors about the power of leverage I took so much from this book that once I listened to it on audible, I also bought a hard copy so I could go back and reference I ve listen to it twice now and I have a plan to re read the chapters I like the most at least once a year If you are an inspiring investor, who loves hard real estate, but also loves the idea of playing the bank, this book is for you If you are a seasoned real estate portfolio holder, and looking to sit back and actually enjoy your years of hard work by re thinking the structure in which you currently hold your properties then you should defiantly at least have a look at what Dave has to say I doubt you ll regret it. This book is basically an accounting of the author s journey to note investing There is a sketchy outline of how to do the work but definitely not a guide I would recommend this to someone liking for basic information, but not a practical guide. The author assumes that his readers are already familiar with all the terms involved in real estate investing, and therefore does not provide much in the way of definitions or explanations For me, as a newcomer to most of the concepts, it was a one star experience, but I added a star because I m sure there are those out there who already have sufficient knowledge to get some value from it This star s for you folks If you re a beginner, be prepared to do some term searching and outside reading to know what he s talking about in some of his explanations.An example from page 102 under Lease Options The author s example is of a two year lease option that included a non refundable option deposit not the same as a security deposit for 5,800 So we at least now know that a lease option is not a security deposit, but the text contains no other explanation The entry in the glossary at the back provides only a little information than the text.In the next sentence we learn that the author was receiving top of the market rent for 1,750 month, with a rent credit of 200 month, and a seller assist of 3 percent of the sales price If anyone is wondering what a rent credit or seller assist is, like I was, you can just keep on wondering because there is again no explanation in the text There is a very brief sentence on seller assist in the minimally helpful glossary, but no entry for rent credit I m sure a lot of people already know the meaning of these and many other terms the author throws around For the rest of us it s just too bad I m left with the impression that if I knew enough to fully understand the book, I wouldn t need the book. ^Download Ebook ☠ Real Estate Note Investing: Using Mortgage Notes to Passively and Massively Increase Your Income ↠ Welcome to the other side of the real estate business Do deals, maximize your current portfolio to its full potential, and decrease risk all through mastering finance and leverage in this introduction to the note investing business Whether it s through mortgages, student loans, or credit card debt, nearly all of us especially real estate investors are in the note business The trouble is, most people are on the other side of it writing checks to note owners rather than cashing checks as note owners This isn t another cookie cutter how to book instead, Dave Van Horn takes readers on a journey with him as he looks back over lessons learned across three decades of real estate investing, and the path that led him to his current success in the note industry He teaches by example, illustrates with real life stories, and gives a , foot view of the note space Whether you re a wholesaler, rehabber, landlord, or even turnkey investor, reading this book will help you turn your focus to the other side of real estate No matter your level of experience in the real estate business, the strategies in this book can help you build sustainable wealth today and for years to come Inside, you will learn how to Borrow smarter by making debt your friend Raise money for your investments easier by understanding and appealing to private investors Squeeze profits out of the deals you re already doing by utilizing creative offers and multiple financing strategies Scale your investing through a passive investment vehicle that is backed by hard real estate without the tenants, termites, or toilets Use note investing to pay for expenses like student loans and life insurance, or simply to provide additional cash flow for you into retirement Become the bank and begin to use every form of leverage you have available And much