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Enjoyed this book which appears to be a debut book from a new author Set in Chicago, the plot is a damaged mix of police procedure and serial killer cat and mouse I enjoy damaged characters in books especially when they have a purpose but this book had some counterbalance for that theme It definitely kept my interest along the way and I would read another installment for sure Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Thomas Holgate and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Hooked by the dust jacket blurb, I eagerly read this novel by Thomas Holgate, which mixes a sadistic serial killer with a cop whose process is a tad unorthodox While Paul Czarcik was once a proud member of the Chicago PD, his time there came to an end prematurely However, he accepted a role in the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement, an experimental group of detectives whose skills are a little too unique for the CPD When a couple is found brutally tortured and murdered, Czarcik takes the case He cannot understand the brutality he sees before him, but there is something When he is able to see a link between this killing and the brutal murder of a judge in Texas, Czarcik thinks that he may be on the path of a serial killer Meanwhile, the killer, one Daniel Langdon, is plotting his next murder He has the files and knows his victims, but must plan things effectively When not gathering the needed information for his next kill, Langdon is dealing with crippling headaches, all a part of the tumour that is growing inside his head When Langdon sees Czarcik is on the case, he decides to pay the detective a visit Letting Czarcik in on his plan, Langdon all but baits the detective to follow and catch him After Czarcik is contacted by Langdon s wife, who fills in many of the gaps, they work together to find and save the victims before their heinous acts receive the vengeance that Daniel Langdon feels is his to offer It will be a race across America to catch a killer, but Czarcik has nothing to lose A twisted story that pulls the reader in on many levels, as Holgate entertains throughout Recommended to those who love a police procedural that follows none of the rules, as well as the reader who enjoys something a little gruesome than the usual crime thriller.I always love reading a new author and discovering that their work is right up my alley I find that Thomas Holgate writes in such a way that I cannot help but want in short order The detailed writing is not only helpful in building up the crimes, but creates a series of wonderful characters the reader will enjoy throughout the novel Paul Czarcik seems quite the odd character as the novel begins, with his penchant for cocaine and his predilection for escorts, whom he pays to have deep conversations However, the detective has deep rooted connections to his work and seems always to find the unique approaches to solving crimes As the novel progresses, the reader sees much growth in Czarcik, both in the current day narrative and the flashback case from his time as a CPD officer One can hope Holgate will be able to create a series from this and that reader can see Czarcik growth Other characters prove as enticing and curious as the protagonist, all of whom help the story develop and the narrative move at a quick pace The story has some typical police procedural aspects, as well as great uniqueness, which sets Holgate apart The reader can bask in both worlds and determine what they think of the overall presentation With a mix of mid to full length chapters, the story progresses slowly, but never lacks the momentum to fully enthral in a mystery where both good and evil are known throughout, playing a game of cat and mouse that will leave only one winner, or perhaps two strong losers Thomas Holgate is an author to watch and I have added him to my literary radar.Kudos, Mr Holgate, for this fabulous debut I will ensure the world knows all about your work and cutting style Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge READ KINDLE ♌ Rain Will Come ☬ A Thrilling, Page Turning Debut About A Twisted Killer And A Broken Cop Both With Nothing To Lose Paul Czarcik, The Longest Tenured Detective In The Illinois Bureau Of Judicial Enforcement, Puts The Rest Of The Team To Shame Ruthless And Riddled With Vices, Czarcik Always Gets His Man And Fast Until Now A Double Slaying Isn T The Open And Shut Case Of Urban Crime He S Used To Connecting It To A High Profile Texas Judge, Czarcik Realizes Something Bigger Is Going On It S The Work Of A Serial Killer For Whom Chicago Is Just The Beginning Now He S Inviting Czarcik To Play Catch Me If You Can On A Cross Country Murder SpreeGoing Rogue, Czarcik Accepts The Challenge But As The Bodies Pile Up, He Must Come To Grips With The Fact That Nothing Not The Killer, The Victims, Or The Rules Is What It Seems In This Bloody Game Of Cat And Mouse Chicago, in itself, is a detective story.Rain Will Come caught my attention for that very reason Who wouldn t want to gravitate toward big time crime, a wayward aging detective, a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde serial killer, and some brutal goings on in the Windy City I would I did And now I m not so sure.Thomas Holgate lays out his main character of Detective Paul Czarcik like a beefy cut of Chicago s finest on a crusty roll He s Old School, on the other side of fifty, and still drives around in a Crown Victoria In his back pocket is a Blackberry relic and his coffee breaks consist of Cutty Sark and a line of cocaine now and then He works for the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement and his boss is trying to get him to retire.Czarcik is called up in the middle of the night to check out a double murder crime scene One of the victims has a dead chicken around her neck Not your usual murder attire Czarcik is assigned to the case and soon finds a thread that will connect these deaths to someone on a crime spree that will make your jaw drop But here s where Holgate loses me What starts out as a snarky detective story soon flips over to the burnt side of the road He wades too deeply into the shock and awe of a psychological thriller that gets lost in graphic descriptors rather than with a well honed storyline It s the gore that he s after and he s obsessed with his views on timely social topics I ve read enough thrillers and horror genres to fill a Chicago warehouse Nothing shocks me, but this will be a DNF to many, many readers when they arrive at this juncture in the story Oh, so not necessary Work on the potholes in this road, Holgate, and re think the future of the great possibility you have in the character of Paul Czarcik.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and to Thomas Holgate for the opportunity. The title for this very good debut novel comes from a movie and describes exactly what is happening in this story Or should be happening Main character Paul Czarcik reminded me a little of Harry Hole, one of my favorites in the genre unhappy persons Paul is so deeply unhappy you want to keep reading to find out why this is In the mean time, you also want to keep reading because from the beginning, the killer is known to us and that Paul is going to catch him is obvious But how and when Thomas Holgate will tell you how and when and he does it with flourish I hope this is the start of an interesting series.Many thanks to Netgally for this digital review copy. There are many crimes which are so heinous that we imagine killing the perpetrator However, we don t do it because it is not morally acceptable But how many times do we read about a criminal who got what he she deserved and did an internal victory fist pump Now imagine being the detective responsible for apprehending someone, who to us, deserves a medal Paul Czarcik is that detective.Rain Will Come makes us ask ourselves some tough questions Is it wrong to rejoice when evil people experience what they inflicted on their victims Does it make you just as evil as them to find pleasure in their suffering Daniel Langdon decided to become an avenging angel and he did it with as much blood, gore and pain as possible How much wrongs can he make right in his own twisted way before Detective Czarcik catches up I enjoyed this book thoroughly The writing was excellent The author was very adept at descriptions without being too wordy The story flowed and the action was tight Even the love story within was perfectly placed so the focus was not taken away from the main gist of the story The only thing I disliked was his misconception about tattoos and members of unsavory societies I saw that this is the author s first book and in that case, I would definitely read of his work.However, a word of warning If you are squeamish, you probably should not try this book Mr Holgate spared no details when describing the blood and gore present at the murder scenes. So,we have a cat and mouse game between a detective named Paul and the serial killer, Daniel And don t worry, we are told right away who the killer is and what he is doing all this for Personally, I don t like it when authors do that,it takes away the suspense factor for me What this book does really well is that it messes with your head You find yourself sympathizing with the killer And so,on one hand you know that the victims deserved everything they got,but on the other hand you know that they did not Quite a dilemma, right It asks the question of morality, of humans playing God and judge and jury The only thing is,I am not sure I liked the answer I received The characters were okay, I don t think you will find anything new The detective is brooding, does drugs and orders escorts from time to time The basic noir crime thriller protagonist 2 things really didn t not work for me the amount of gruesome violence and the writing style The violence was just over the top in this one And as for the writing, closer to the end it did improve, but at the beginning there were occasional cheesy lines and weird tangents that I didn t care for.I decided on giving Rain Will Come 3 stars The story itself and the moral dilemma of it I enjoyed very much, what I didn t enjoy as much was the execution Thank you to netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Rain Will Come provides an alternative twist on cat mouse, detective vs serial killer The relationship which builds between the two really stands out and a few chance or not so chance encounters in between gives a quick thrill.Detective Czarcik a man with many vices, makes it his mission to bring down a new serial killer, the difficult part about the case is the killer in the wrong Both men are at the end of their lives, one literally and one figuratively, and determined to complete their final tasks Oddly, my favourite character was the killer, Daniel Holgate did a very good job explaining the justifications of Daniels crime and you feel yourself almost cheering him on in hope that he will succeed This uncomplicated, easy read would be a perfect holiday book With a mix of love and crime the book should appeal to many Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC. Rain Will Come by Thomas Holgate is a fast paced crime thriller It is about how the infamous detective, our protagonist, catches up with the serial killer.It is a run of the mill cat and mouse story, with encounters between the participants that keep happening throughout the race.The character build up is excellent Both the protagonist and the antagonist are shown in good as well as bad light.I liked how his intuition guides the protagonist time and again to point in the right direction Although I did expect the author to give a rational explanation behind it, to make it believable.Warning alert The prose contains a lot of violent and descriptively gruesome scenes So if you are not up for that kind of thing, you might want to give it a pass.Disclaimer Thanks to the author and the publisher for the ARC.Verdict Recommended.Detailed review can be read here. 4 starsThis was a pretty good twist on the whole catch the serial killer crime thriller as you know from the beginning who the killer is and it s about the motivations of not only the killer, but the detective who has decided to pursue him The detective himself is deeply flawed and works outside of the lines, but he still has a strong conviction of what true evil is As the story develops, you find out some things about his own past as a rookie cop that helps you understand some of the conflicts that he s working through as he races to stop the killer The victims of the serial killer add another dimension to this cat and mouse game as you have to decide whether they deserve what is happening to them I found this book to be very interesting and well written, and was surprised to find out that this was a debut novel Some of the violence in this book was a bit hard to read as it was fairly graphic, but I think it fit with the story There was also an element of romance in this story that I m still deciding if it was necessary believable, but it did help wrap up the story at the end In many ways, this book reminded me of film noir and I think it could make a very good movie, depending on how they handle the graphic scenes Overall, I very much enjoyed this book, and couldn t wait to find out how it would end I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller crime novel, doesn t mind a little bit of violence, and finds deeply flawed protagonists to be interesting Because despite his faults, I did like Detective Czarcik Thanks to NetGalley, ThomasHolgate, and ThomasMercer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.