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i like the story line but it could have been executed better giraffe, stuffed animals, comfort object, Africa, traveling, post cards This book is about a boy s toy giraffe that gets lost, and then the boy receives post cards from his giraffe who is in Africa This book can be used when talking about traveling as well as when talking about writing letters postcards. RAF is about a boy, Ben s toy giraffe that goes missing One day, Ben receives postcards from Raf telling Ben all about his great adventures This book is full of gorgeous, vivid pictures that captivate and a simple story that my little one loves to listen to as I read it. What a fun idea I want to send post cards and pictures to my son from a stuffed animal. Ben s stuffed giraffe goes on a journey and sends postcards along the way Illustrations make the book. Cute book about the adventures of a child s loved stuffed giraffe. Wonderful pictures But the story had a few holes for me How did Raf end up in Africa Who knew to bring him back Nice idea, wish it were. Raf the giraffe and his owner Ben go everywhere together, until one day the very worn and dirty Raf disappears Ben receives postcards from Raf s trip to Africa, and then a new and improved Raf appears for Ben s birthday Cute, but kids may miss the joke or parents may not want to even start down the road of what to do with old favorite toys with them. `Kindle ↱ Raf ★ When Ben loses his cuddly friend Raf, he is inconsolable A few days later, Ben receives a postcard from Raf Each week, Ben receives a new postcard from Raf detailing Raf s journeys through Africa Will the two be reconnected soon