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!Read ⚖ Quintus Sertorius and the Legacy of Sulla (C) ☢ Quintus Sertorius WikipdiaQuintus Sertorius Wikipedia Quintus Sertorius and the Legacy of SullaQuintus Sertorius was a Sabine knight equites and a rather stoic man who tended to follow the path of moderation He was extraordinarily brave and showed much endurance in war While fighting the Teutones and Cimbri under Caepio, he was severly wounded, lost an eye, and still had enough strength to swim across the Rhone with his armor on He also had a very strong affinity for nature andBeating the Average Quintus Sertorius Quintus Sertorius Archives Ebook About Reading List Toggle search Toggle menu Beating the Average Get ahead of the masses A guide towards personal excellence Buy the E Book Now Archives My thoughts and my writings Avoid noise LearnEbook Time is the only thing that counts That is why I wrote a condensed, no nonsense ebook to jumpstart your journey LearnAbout Skin inQUINTUS SERTORIUS Encyclopdia Universalis Sertorius est en effet le seul homme politique de la Rpublique romaine qui ait fait scession entreetConnu pour son courage, il sert Marius contre les Teutons en , devient tribun militaire en Espagne en , et perd, en tant que questeur, un il au cours d une bataille enQuintus Sertorius Military Wiki Fandom Quintus Sertorius cBCBC was a Roman statesman and general, born in Nursia, in Sabine territory His brilliance as a military commander was shown most clearly in his battles against Rome for control of Hispania His family, the gens Sertoria, was probably of Quintus Sertorius Roman statesman Britannica Quintus Sertorius, born cbc, Nursia, Sabini diedbc , Roman statesman and military commander who, defying the Roman Senate, became independent ruler of most of Spain for eight years Guerre sertorienne WikipdiaStone monuments of Roman brothers IMPERIUM In Cisolinokm east of Verona, Italy there are unique stone monuments commemorating Roman soldiers Quintus and Lucius Sertorius The objects were built at the end of the st century CE The artefacts are located in the Museum Lapidario Maffeiano in Verona Ta strona nie mo e by wy wietlana w Pompey Wikipedia InBC, Pompey joined Marcus Licinius Crassus and Gaius Julius Caesar in the unofficial military political alliance known as the First Triumvirate, which Pompey s marriage to Caesar s daughter Julia helped secure After Crassus and Julia s deaths, Pompey sided with the Optimates, the conservative faction of the Roman Senate