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!DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♣ Questions to Our Answers ♋ Questions to our Answers is a poetry and fiction book written by Timothy Joshua It contains three main chapters, centred around answers to three main questions one would ask during different stages of a relationship The questions are What are we Where are we going How are we getting there The poems, juxtaposed together with short stories take readers on a deeply reflective journey within themselves as they contemplate the deepest thoughts, doubts and hopes they carry for their past and present relationships I ve never wanted to let anyone else in, but I knew you were different the moment I met you You had a way with your words and your eyes they have found a way inside of me, and their warmth disarms me, to lay my armour down. This was just waay too cliche for my taste and the portrayal of love is much too clingy and dependent The writing was also underwhelming though I could appreciate the author s attempt to include metaphors and flowery writing. Beautifully written and I enjoyed every part of it I love how he starts everything with a short stories While reading all the poems I thought to myself this is sad, cliche and sad ending but turned out the ending of each short stories so lovely. This book is well written and a pleasure to read Each line is packed with depth Definitely the best collection of poems and short stories packaged in a beautiful book Won t be long before I go through another round of this book again for sure. Beautifully written Most of the poems speak of my heart This is the best poetry book I have ever read It is truly moving and I read it every day before I sleep You are the best writer in the world and there she stood,her eyes holding the glory of the sun,and her hands keeping my world alive. I love how he frames the context in the form of short stories before introducing his poems Beautiful And that makes him Penwings material.