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[[ EBOOK ]] ☘ Pruning the Fourth Branch ☔ Al Lee reveals the establishment of a fourth branch of our government that is not bound by the constitutional restrictions that the Founders built into the three branches they established He traces back a century to explain how the groundwork was laid and then how it was done so that we can understand what we must do to correct the problem Lee shows why we must reform Administrative Law or face the complete loss of our liberty even if we succeed in electing constitutional conservative politcians He writes in a way that people new to politics will understand perfectly but even seasoned political activists will learn new things from this book He describes exactly what we must do and how to do it If you believe that government expansion threatens our freedom, you MUST read this book It is a clear explanation of the problem and the solution, and a call to action NOTE This book has been presented to a number of political candidates who are constitutional conservatives There is a growing likelihood that one or of them will present a bill in the US Congress early inpromoting at least some, if not all, of the reforms described