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Not for me.It is terrifying.Very bloody.Hoods killing each other.The storyline was well written.I just did not care for the story.David Sotolongo was a fine narrator.I was given this book by the narrator,author or publisher free for an honest review. Project Terror Warning this book contains very strong language and lots of it. But it is the language of the streets so if you get over the strong language, Then what you get is pure 5* thriller The storyline is strong and the writing is very good Keeps you wanting to read/listen This is my first experience of the authors work and I will be on the lookout forNarration is excellent and adds much to the enjoyment of this novel I was given a free copy of this audiobook at my own request, and voluntarily leave this review. #Read Book ⛅ Project Terror Ø In a street war, there's always a body to be discoveredLamar Dunken is a dedicated monster who presents the perfect image of a street terrorist He knows how to respond when a desperate crisis threatens his operation, and he exacts horrifying tactics to get things under controlFBI Special Agent Livingston is faced with the serious task of investigating Lamar's tactics while connecting killings start to terrorize Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs Also, a violent criminal locked behind bars a year before Lamar was even born is back on the streets and looking for him Lamar is forced to call on his deepest strength to face his accusers and ensure that the values that he holds most dear will survive The nightmare has begunAgainAnd, over again Deep book about urban living in Philadelphia; but, what happens when a FBI agent moves in under the guise of being another hoodlum terrorizing the community Full of guns, robberies, drugs, and mayhem. (Disclaimer: I got a copy from the publisher Does not affect my review in any way)Review: I am surprised I liked it I am not normally one to go for the gangster type of book I did find it a bit hard to follow what they were saying but that hadto do with being dyslexic than anything The sex, drug and violence is pretty detailed, be aware of that if this may be a problem for you.Just liked how it kept switching around, you thought it was going one way, then it went another I also like how it switched between the characters to addlayers to the story It was also extremely fast paced, going from one thing to another.The sad thing is with the amount of violence and death, you would think it a bit over the top but it not It a hard truth but gang violence nowadays all around the world is insane It insane but also normal in a fucked up kind of way Same with drugs It is everywhere we just try to ignore it As long as it not touching us, we don’t care. Jamal, I do not know how to reach you I never received this book! I take my membership and reviewing books for Goodreads, etc VERY seriously I ALWAYS leave a review for a book that I have received and read I accidentally hit the received book button (only because it used to toggle to received/not received and now it doesn't seem to do that), anyways I would like to read this book and leave a review if that is still possible Please, I would never receive a book and not leave a review, I find that rude and misrepresenting myself Please send your book if you can I would be very happy to review and post them wherever you need regards, TobyannTO date, I still have not received this book Therefore I can not give it a review and am disappointed that I missed out on being able to read this book 12/14/2018 Disclaimer.I had requested and received audible version of this book for free from the publisher, in exchange for an unbiased review.What I liked about the book This was an intense book, that kept me tense throughout The story packs a punch and doesn't hold back A very well written story, full of violence and action The characters are also very well written and real, layers that blur the line between good and bad Some of the best developed characters I've read in recent times.What I disliked about the book Not a problem for me, but if it matters to you there's a lot of strong language in this one Not just for the sake of, though Narration Narration by David Sotolongo makes the story come to life He breathed life into each of the characters. Wow, this was intense and raw I love not knowing of things that I didn't know what to expect, and it was not what I expected Easy to read, took me about forever since I have three kids and going dealing with school for myself Smart and an interesting mix of spy thriller, crime mystery, and street life I would advise not reading it out loud to your kids, but I couldn't put it down Lewis hooked me in and I hope he writesbooks Highly recommended. A hot story Pure heat for the streets or crime thriller lovers Man, Jamal can write and the storyline was a little refreshing His story has an urban feel, but the FBI investigation is shown, making the novelsuspenseful That is what sets this book apart from the rest of the pack Jamal's ability to highlight what investigators are doing and how they are catching up with the bad guys is intriguing It was like Law Order with the character's family lives being shown.Must read if you like crime thrillers with an African American lean a la Alex Cross. Terrific Story Plot First time reading a book from this author Jamal Lewis Great storyline kept my interest lots of twist and turns Definitely would recommend this book and authors to others Keep them coming Jamal hope there's a part 2 to this book With this book the streets will definitely be talking about this author.