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On July the 5th 1948 the then health secretary Aneurin Bevan opened Park Hospital in Manchester.  This was an historic moment, the National Health Service brought together doctors, nurses, opticians, pharmacists, dentists and hospitals under one organisation.

The unique and hugely important factor was that the services were free to all; the NHS was to be financed via taxation thereby ensuring people were paying according to their income. The NHS over the years has been at the forefront of new medical breakthroughs and has been the envy of many governments and countries the world over. So now why are people turning to private health care?

The sad fact today is that the NHS is no longer as it was, I could list here thousands of individual reasons why the service is failing and it isn’t just one thing, it’s a culmination of various and numerous things.

Will Private Health Care Replace The NHS?

Private Health Insurance

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We have all read the horror stories about NHS failings and now some are taking matters into their own hands and going for private health care insurance as a means to guarantee they get prompt treatment should they fall ill.

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The reform of the NHS was never going to be a popular thing, but many would argue it is a necessary evil if they are to meet the ever growing demands on it. Some have said it amounts to privatisation of the NHS, whilst other‘s would argue the NHS has no choice but to change.

The public in general have watched the back biting, bickering and arguments among politicians with growing concern. What this has led to is a surge of interest in private health insurance.

Private health insurance would give people the power to choose where they have treatment, they would bypass lengthy waiting lists and they would be in control of their own destiny and not at the mercy of a postcode lottery for treatment.

NHS reforms will never be popular.

Private Health Care Ensures Prompt Treatment

It isn’t just us the general public who fear these changes, Diane Abbott, the shadow health minister, said:

"This is a short-term political fix that is bound to unravel”, "We still have a NHS plan which no one voted for, which some of the leading health experts in the country do not understand, and will still cost billions of pounds. It is incredible that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are trying to spin their NHS car crash as some kind of triumph”.

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