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Plots Short Stories1 Don’t Bank On It humorous and cute I liked the creative names used Loose Change for a Bank and Meetam and Beetam for attorneys 2 The Blast Detective Agency not a great story I didn’t really enjoy this one much.3 The Every Other Day Detective well written and amusing I enjoyed this one 4 Till Death Do Us Part this one was predictable and just okay.5 As Seen On TV didn’t like it at first, but it did get better and I ended up thinking it was pretty good.6 The Forlorn Parrot that was an interesting little futuristic dystopia type story A little rushed at the end but still enjoyable 7 DNA (Do Not Ask) nope Did not like this one at all The entire thing was just too ridiculous Hitler, really? 8 The Singing Lawyer LOL a Chinese American gang called MSG 13 I literally laughed out loud The story was just okay, but I highly appreciated the humor.9 Arrivederci Baby this one ended up a little sad, but it was a good story.10 The Office Party this one didn’t do it for me Didn’t find it amusing or interesting or entertaining At least it was short.11 Murder Is A Six Letter Word another one that was just okay.12 The Retired Detective a little longer than the other stories It was not bad 13 The Ship’s Detective this story was very good It was like an old fashioned Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes kind of who done it mystery.14 The Window really short one Entertaining though 15 Sixteen Feet Under quick and humorous Predictable but enjoyable.I received an ARC of this book via LibraryThing. I have read and enjoyed many short story collections in the mystery and science fiction genre So it surprised me that I found this collection not really to my liking I gave it only three stars for that reason After thinking about this, I decided it is the style of the writing, the non first person narriative, and the very terse non descriptive tone of the stories I felt like I was reading an author's idea journal Each journal entry would have been a fun story to read, once it had been given flesh and bone There were enough twists and turns to each to make good plots, and that was what the title of the books offers, so I do recommend it to others to read. This was given to me as an ARC for my review This was a collection of short detective stories I don’t read a lot is short stories and I remember why now The stories were not bad but just too short to get much character or actual play of events I felt like you had the wrapup too easy and too quick with not much guess work needed I read this while traveling which worked out well for reading a short story while in lines at the airport. |DOWNLOAD PDF ♱ Plots: A Collection of Short Story Mysteries ♂ Simply hilarious This grand collection of mysteries was written by an exNYPD officer and are filled with humor, mystery, and undoubtedly a dose of his experiences on the NY beat With every turn of the page, readers will be treated to a good time