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@EBOOK ñ Playtime with Penny Ð I want you to play with me Penny had always been Robby s favorite little girl that is, until she gained her killer curves Now she s Rob s BIG dick straction Before Penny heads off to her new job, she has a few ideas in mind on how to bond with her best friend She wants to relive some of her favorite activities from a innocent time, but they quickly wind up being anything but This is a kinky erotic ABDL short story Contents include diaper fetishism a VERY naughty game of Twister, Horsey and Airplane blowing sexy raspberries erotic age play and MORE previously titled Ruby s Regression EXCERPT Suddenly a thought popped into her head, causing her eyes to light up Hey Robby, she said Did you ever go for horsey rides on your d d s knee Yes, I replied, picturing my joyful, five year old face Do you think you could do that with me asked Penny sweetly Anything for you, princess, I said as I moved onto the couch I patted my left leg, encouraging her to saddle up Giddy up, cowgirl Penny smiled a wide smile and quickly mounted my thigh Her smooth, moist cunt felt blazing hot against my skin Ready I asked as I began to jostle the baby girl on my knee You might want to find something you can, uh, hold on to Not missing a beat, Penny reached behind herself and grabbed onto my dick My Penny was a smart girl