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I enjoy a western program or two Since Dad watches them I love reading, so thought I would try a different genre from my normal I am enjoying it, it has mystery, a love connection and is set in a land area I use to know well Just the time period is over 100 years back. ( Download Book ) ⚉ Pitchfork Justice ☤ Ness Havelock rode the Outlaw Trail, partly because he was a loner and partly because he was running away from Rita Pilar But now an old friend called for help, and Havelock could not refuse When he got to Saint Johns, the Pitchfork Outfit was getting ready to take over the town, the county, and the state if Judge Harlow Wilson got his way Wilson courted Rita Pilar He bragged about , head of cattle on the way up from Texas He bilked immigrants And he dealt out his own brand of justice with a quirt and a bullwhip He was unstoppable, until Ness Havelock rode in to Saint JohnsRuel Gatlin wanted Havelock dead for killing his brothers, never mind it was three against one He followed Havelock out of Colorado, across the bridge at Mexican Hat, through Canyon de Chelly, and into the high country of the Great Colorado Plateau Then Harlow Wilson offered to pay for what Gatlin wanted anyway Kill Ness Havelock