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Again a great story with a very sad end I found the end very sinister and I really had to think about the end Yeah, I got it finally I give this story a 4. A macabre work, Pig is a pastiche of Voltaire s Candideand the fact that I haven t read that book meant that when I got to the ending, I initially had no idea what the message of the story was But after digging deeper with a few prompts from the Internet , I found it to be a story of the dangers of protecting children from the dangers of the world and the importance of Pig, The Soldier, and The Wish three stories make up this slim paperback, each one baffling than the last I ve never had an affinity with The Short Story, or perhaps can only tolerate short stories penned by certain authors I am particularly fond of Nonetheless, I can say with great confidence that Roald Dahl s three stories certainly make for a quick, entertaining read Even if you would not consider yourself a reader , if you have an hour or two to spare, bored and looking for some inspiration on a rainy day, Pig may be just the thing for you The first story, told with charming wit in Dahl s unmistakable narrative voice, tracks the life of young Lexington, a baby boy who becomes parent less at just twelve days old as a result of darkly comic circumstances He goes to live with his eccentric Aunt Glossman, who raises him with great care and in strict accordance with her vegetarian lifestyle A quick succession of unfortunate events transport Lexington, and indeed, the reader, to places far from Aunt Glossman s farm, and into a macabre world In contrast to Pig , The Soldier begins on a rather less exuberant note This tale is striking in terms of its subject matter, and the narrative voice which is employed The character narrating the story is somewhat confused throughout, seeking answers to q In England once there lived a bigAnd wonderfully clever pig.To everybody it was plainThat Piggy had a massive brain.He worked out sums inside his head,There was no book he hadn t read,He knew what made an airplane fly,He knew how engines worked and why.He knew all this, but in the endOne question drove him round the bend He simply couldn t puzzle outWhat LIFE was really all about.What was the reason for his birth Why was he placed upon this earth His giant brain went round and round.Alas, no answer could be found,Till suddenly one wondrous night,All in a flash, he saw the light.He jumped up like a ballet dancerAnd yelled, By gum, I ve got the answer They want my bacon slice by slice To sell at a tremendous price They want my tender juicy chops To put in all the butchers shops They want my pork to make a roast And that s the part ll cost the most They want my sausages in strings They even want my chitterlings The butcher s shop The carving knife That is the reason for my life Such thoughts as Wicked I remember this being read aloud, in a Vegatarian dorm, by a group of impressionable youths who only knew Dahl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory This was my first experience with Dahl as an adult I wasn t quite an adult, but he was and I will never forget it. The story suddenly takes a wicked turn and ends with a terrible twist There is certainly a lot to think about after the story has been read This is what Roald Dahl is great at delivering the final literary punch and making us delve deeper and think.The story tells us about the dangers of lif *READ KINDLE ☠ Pig ✐ Pig Is A Brilliant Gem Of A Short Story From Roald Dahl, The Master Of The Sting In The TailIn Pig, Roald Dahl, One Of The World S Favourite Authors, Tells A Sinister Story About The Darker Side Of Human Nature Here, A Boy Who Grows Into An Accomplished Cook Goes In Search Of A Final, Elusive Recipe Pig Is Taken From The Short Story Collection Kiss Kiss, Which Includes Ten Other Devious And Shocking Stories, Featuring The Wife Who Pawns The Mink Coat From Her Lover With Unexpected Results The Priceless Piece Of Furniture That Is The Subject Of A Deceitful Bargain A Wronged Woman Taking Revenge On Her Dead Husband, And Others Oh Lexington What a twist of an ending.