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READ KINDLE Ô Phantastic Book of Ghost Stories Á For as long as people have told stories, they have been fascinated by ghosts, specters, ghouls, and demons The human mind is drawn irresistibly to the mysterious right down to the deepest recesses of fear Here, in one value packed volume are fifty macabre masterpieces from the greatest British and American practitioners of the art of the ghostly tale Editor Richard Dalby has made an inspired selection that offers readers the very best work of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Victorian fireside hair raisers, Edwardian magazine thrillers, elegant nightmares from the s, and the manic visions of modern times Suspense, mystery, and horror specialists such as M R James, Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle, Algernon Blackwood, Sheridan Le Fanu, and Amelia B Edwards are prominently featured So are such classic authors as Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde, D H Lawrence, Henry James, and Mark Twain Modern writers are ably represented by Ramsey Campbell, Karl Edward Wagner, Robert Aickman, and Basil Copper among others So if you want to curl up with a good book, try The Phantastic Book of Ghost Stories It just might curl your hair as wellNTENTSPreface Richard Dalby prThe Unsettled Dust Robert Aickman How He Left the Hotel Louisa Baldwin Whessoe Nugent Barker The Shuttered Room E F Benson An Inhabitant of Carcosa Ambrose Bierce Is There Anybody There Charles Birkin The Whisperers Algernon Blackwood Curfew L M Boston I m Sure It Was NoA M Burrage The Guide Ramsey Campbell The Limping Ghost The Ghost Who Limped R Chetwynd Hayes Mrs Zant and the Ghost The Ghost s Touch Wilkie Collins The House by the Tarn Basil Copper In Kropfsberg Keep Ralph Adams Cram The Ghost in all the Rooms Daniel Defoe The Bagman s Uncle Charles Dickens The Bully of Brocas Court Arthur Conan Doyle In the Confessional Amelia B Edwards The Tune in Dan s Caf Shamus Frazer Beyond the Bourne John S Glasby The Valley of the Lost Children William Hope Hodgson The Sand Walker Fergus Hume The Real Right Thing Henry James The Haunted Dolls House M R James The Wall Painting Roger Johnson They Rudyard Kipling The Last Laugh D H Lawrence Robin s Rath Margery H Lawrence The Dream The Drunkard s Dream Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu The Sundial R H Malden The Fifteenth Man Richard Marsh Brenner s Boy John Metcalfe Uncle Abraham s Romance E Nesbit What Was It Fitz James O Brien The Next Room Vincent O Sullivan The Footsteps of the Aventine Roger Pater William Wilson Edgar Allan Poe Courage Forrest Reid The Last of Squire Ennis Mrs J H Riddell The Garside Fell Disaster L T C Rolt The Tears of Saint Agath David G Rowlands The Soul of Laploshka Saki The Old Dining Room Sapper The Between Maid Montague Summers A Ghost Story Mark Twain The Folly Ralph Tyler Mark Valentine Out of the Wrack I Rise H Russell Wakefield In the Pines Karl Edward Wagner Where Angels Fear Manly Wade Wellman The House of the Nightmare Edward Lucas White The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde The Spectre Spiders William J Wintle I really enjoyed a few of these, loved a couple, but many left me thinking huh at the end I thought a middle of the road rating would be the most appropriate. I enjoyed the stories in this book Many of the stories were not known to me, so reading them was refreshing I would be interested in reading the author s other anthologies.