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!Download Book ☤ Peace, Love, Macarons ♺ I was raised to always be sure of three things: always put money in your savings account; never rely on a man; and know that no matter what, you can always come home Had I maybe heeded the ingenious advice of the former two, I wouldn’t be suffering the humiliation of the latter And itwas humiliating Not just because I had to go home at twentyseven years old, but because I had to go home to my small town and tell them that I had been proposed to and dumped within twentyfour hours by a man I had been with for five years I had no idea at the time, though, that going home to lick my wounds and reevaluate my life would also lead me right into the hands of a man I never could have expected… * This is a short, sweet, instalust story with lots of steam, explicit sex scenes, an HEA, and ‘foul language’ Loved this perfect little Valentine's Day novella Super cute story, sexy and sweet, with the perfect (view spoiler)[(telling the exdouche to F off) (hide spoiler)] I've read Jessica's other seasonal novellas I've liked them all and this is no exception In fact, I loved it PLM is a Valentine themed or any love day theme Madeline is coming back to her home town after suddenly being dumped by her fiance' Here's another fine example of a MeetCute Brant is smooth and charming He has the small town laid back attitude Madeline is coming home to live with her mom Maddy is trying to get her life back on track Madeline started off fairly tense(from living in the City and from her break up), but didn't wallow in misery She wanted to get back to being productive and truly didn't whine or get very angry The story starts off just after Madeline and her ex had just split up Madeline has just arrived in town This is 1st person POV, but the first 2 chapters are Madeline's narrative The dialog between Maddy and Brant is so fresh and funny I loved the humor and the gradual build up of the steam Nothing was wasted The author does tell us in the blurb that it's instalust Their banter was cute Brant had also come to town from the City 3 years before He was further on his way to his small town attitude I liked Alice, Madeline's mom She's very supportive of Madeline and was relieved that Maddy was no longer with her ex, Richy (Richy was such a tool).I loved Alice's bakery The chapters aren't number, just yummy (yet ironic) titles such as: FullFat Frappe (I loved this chapterBrant really shows his natural charm)French TorteCookies 'n Cream Cups This one was very sexy don't laugh, but I liked Maddy's dessert recipe! (guess which one).The writing is first rate I wish that I'd sat next to Jessica G in my English Comp 101 class I'm not kidding I've promised myself to read her edgier novels I read this thru Kindle Unlimited, but I will probably buy it too 5 SHORT AND SWEET STARS No time to write a long review Too busy with the kids these days This was a sweet and short story about the h going home to stay with her Mom after being dumped by her fiance There she met the H who owns a coffee shop who used to be a lawyer in the big city I admire the h for not wallowing about her douche fiance who loved moneythan her (good for you girl!) If you’re in the mood for a quick sweet read, this is the novella for you! Maddy, after getting engaged and then promptly dumped, moved back home to get her life back in order Moving in with her mom, and helping in the bakery is just what she needed to find herself again Something else finds her as well Or rather someone Brant, also from the city, has lived in the small town for a few years and runs the coffee shop in Maddy’s mothers bakery Having left his own fast paced city life for a peaceful small town existence, he and Maddy hit it off immediately I thought they were a very cute couple Brant with his alpha confidence and charm was totally swoon worthy I also liked that Maddy didn’t waver on her moving on from her tool of an ex It was perfect how well they each fit into each others lives Working in the same place and living right next door the attraction and relationship was seemingly inevitable.For a fun, sexy, Valentines Day novella, Peace, Love and Macarons was great! No OW drama The only OM drama was Maddy’s ex showing up, then leaving almost immediately after Maddy set him straight Very low almost non existent angst HEA, duel POV, no cheating, no triggers.Check outof my reviews on my blog romance2review.com Madeline St John is heading back to her small town hometown but not happily Her boyfriend of five years and fiance of 24 hours dumped her tells her that she needs to move out immediately So hurt and stuck she heads back to her mother's home When she gets back she meets Brantley Dane who unknown to her is her mother's business partner He owns the coffee shop across from her mother's bakery As she begins to reevaluate her life and plans, Brant makes her see things in a way she hasn't taken the time to think of and as they get to know each other she worries what to do next This was really nice read and thank you Gio for recommending it It was to me how sometime you have your life set and plans for how things will go then curve balls come and throws you off of a path you thought would happen That you can sometime fall into a pattern and change and you never notice til you have a shake up I really liked that heroine She was one I liked and respected and could understand I loved the hero Hot, sexy, smart, and laid back Some good hot times and a solid story as well as complete for a short story It was dual pov which I appreciated and the hero was a good alpha but not ott and for my friends never came across and a manho 3.5 but I am rounding it up to a four because of how well done it was. I’ve had this for a long while When it popped up as a recommendation in a reading group and I realized that it was also a part of a reading challenge, I dug in It was so good! The perfect little novella with low angst, plenty of steam and both a great hero and heroine I loved how their relationship evolved although it starts out with wild chemistry from the first moment Usually a novella doesn’t feel complete to me but this one had a bit of a time lapse to it that showed the development between these characters and that made all the difference In the end I felt as though I had read a full book and that in itself would add a higher rating but with the addition of a wonderful epilogue I’m completely giddy.Dual POVSafe (view spoiler)[no ow drama; h’s ex shows up and wants her back but she never thinks twice and stands up to him – this is a very short scene and it causes no conflict in the story (hide spoiler)] 5 Sweet StarsMaddy has big dreams in the city and unexpectedly they fall apart and her heart is broken She ends up back in her small home living and working for her mother She doesn't expect to meet smoking hot, insanely hot Brant Brant was a big time city guy till her gave it all up to move to a small time with a slower pace that is right up his alley He wants it all, the small time job with a family When the two meet its kinda instaattraction and they both can't help being attracted to each other A nice light but sweet love story I always enjoy Jessica's Novella's they put you in a light mood I m a huge fan of this Jessica and If you haven't read her Novella's your missing out She has a way of making you feel light and good after reading one. 3.75 starsIt was a lovely and lighthearted read overall I enjoyed this one despite the fact that the hero was a bit too cocky and teasing for my liking (I like my heroes to be brooding alphas who prefer doing to talking!) ⭐️⭐️ Even though I rated it with only two stars, don’t go thinking that this has anything to do with the author She’s still great This was just not my slice of pizza (that’s the saying, yes) It was too sweet and too short Spoiler alert! Plot:The girl, Maddy, returns back to her home town after being dumped by her fiancé because his parents threatened to cut his money if he married her A true asshole, you see She quickly finds her place back home working in her mother’s bakery Her mother’s business partner, Brant, is sneaking into her life without her realizing it In a sweet and alpha way, not a creepy way like I made that seem So, they end up dating and suddenly her ex shows up trying to win her back after he finally managed to persuade his parents into accepting a simple girl like Maddy She turns him down, obviously, and the story skips a few months forward finding her pregnant and preparing for her and Brant’s upcoming wedding The end.