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~KINDLE ⚓ Path Analysis (Statistical Associates Blue Book Series 22) ♒ An illustrated tutorial and introduction to path analysis using SPSS, AMOS, SAS, or Stata Suitable for introductory graduate level study Theedition is a major update to theedition Among the new features are these Over double the page lengthpp rather thanOver four times as many illustrative figuresrather thanNow covers SAS and Stata as well as SPSS and AMOS Covers both regression based and SEM based methods Totally rewritten and reformatted, with new FAQs added Links to download datasets used in the text Below is the unformatted table of contents PATH ANALYSIS OverviewKey Concepts and TermsEstimationPath modelExogenous and endogenous variablesDisturbance termsCausal pathsPath CoefficientsPath coefficents weightsPath multiplication ruleEffect decompositionPath analysis example in OLS regressionOverviewSPSS regression methodSAS regression methodStata regression methodPath analysis example in SEMSEM example dataSEM in SPSS Amos, SAS, and StataPath analysis in SPSS AMOSAMOS InputsAMOS outputs Path estimatesAMOS outputs Partition of total effectsAMOS outputs Goodness of Fit measuresAMOS outputs CorrelationsAMOS outputs Modification indexesPath Analysis in SAS PROC CALISOverviewSAS inputsSAS outputs Path estimatesSAS outputs Partition of total effectsSAS outputs Goodness of fit measuresSAS outputs CorrelationsSAS outputs Modification indicesPath Analysis in StataOverviewStata inputsStata outputs Path estimatesStata outputs Partition of total effectsStata outputs Goodness of fit measuresStata outputs CorrelationsStata outputs Modification indicesAssumptionsLinearityInterval level variablesUncorrelated errorProper specificationNormally distributed errorLow multicollinearityIdentification of the modelRecursivityAdequate sample sizeFrequently Asked QuestionsDoes path analysis confirm causation in a modelCan path analysis be used for exploratory rather than confirmatory purposesHow does the significance of a path coefficient compare with the significance of the corresponding regression coefficientWhy might the direct effect be zeroWhat is Simpson s paradoxWhat is Berkson s paradox case control biasHow are path coefficients related to a covariance correlation matrix for purposes of testing a modelHow, exactly, can I compute path coefficients in the regression methodHow do I compute the value of the path from an error term to an endogenous variableHow can multiple group path analysis determine if the path model differs across groups in my sampleCould I substitute logistic regression when doing effect decompositionCan path analysis handle hierarchical multilevel dataWhat is partial least squares path analysisWhat is the historical origin of path analysisBibliographyPagecount