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FREE PDF ⚡ Pastries: A Novel of Desserts and Discoveries ⚛ Sunya Malhotra, a young American woman whose parents had migrated from India, is the head baker and owner of Pastries, a warm and cozy bakery in Seattle Sunya loves baking and has transformed her fabulous cakes and tarts into delicious works of art The success of her beloved bakery is put in jeopardy, however, when a chain bakery threatens to open up down the street from her To add to her misery, Roger, her hip, Japanese boyfriend has left her for a perfect Japanese girlfriend and her mother has just become engaged to a man Sunya detests Sunya hasn't yet reconciled to the mystery of a father missing since her birth Even a new relationship with a hot, young film director who is in town to cover theWorld Trade Conference, can't help Sunya with her biggest worryshe has lost her touch for baking Overwhelmed, Sunya is surprised to find herself listening when her new Japanese baker offers her a solution to her problemsenroll in a baking school in Japan! Of course, this isn't just any baking school It is run by a famous Japanese baker, Mori Matsumoto, and is based on the principle of mindfulness Soon Sunya finds herself learning the basic skills of baking all over again Is this what she needs to rediscover herself? Will she recapture her zest for work and life? A charming read I read this 350 page novel in two days The writing was smooth, suspenseful and whimsical that dazzles the senses The food descriptions and traveling experiences were engrossing and spot on It definitely took me on a culinary adventure to Japan, India, and Paris The ending could've been better but it was tied up nicely The story is set in Seattle and centred around a 30 year old woman, Sunya, who's getting over a broken marriage and the abandonment of her Buddhist father To distract herself from depression she fallsinto her business at the Pastries Bakery Meanwhile a new bakery moves into town under development that threatens the only thing she has left in the world and she's not going out without a fight Beautiful story about selfdiscovery, food and perseverance 4.5 stars If you like romance and food, you'll like it. I wanted to like this book, but I detested the ending the justification her father gives her after abandoning his wife and newborn daughter for the greater good rubbish I say. I loved this book Surprising plot twists abound, but not everything turns out happy and the way you want it to I have always loved the bakery setting in a book, as the authors often describe how it feels to them to bake something, sink their fingers in, describe how something turns out that they themselves have created This baker’s life is baking, and when she begins having trouble with creating, it makes her entire life tumble This book is very much about life, love and family, and how to incorporate them all with balance and, afterall, love. I wanted to like this but just didn't The way the characters spoke just did not sound natural, too formal Overly descriptive at times well The boyfriend's movie does not sound interesting Did not care for the ending I enjoyed the setting and talk about the pastries I almost stopped reading it a few times but kept going because I curious as to how the whole thing would come together.