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`Read Kindle õ Past Perfect, Present Tense ß Compiled for the first time, here are all of Newbery Award winning author Richard Peck s previously published short stories and two brand new ones From comedy to tragedy to historical to contemporary from Priscilla and the Wimps, Peck s first short story, to Shotgun Cheatham s Last Night Above Ground, which inspired both A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder, to The Electric Summer, Peck s jumping off point for Fair Weather, readers will thrill at Peck s engaging short fiction Complete with the author s own notes on the stories as well as tips and hints for aspiring writers and two new stories, this vibrant and varied collection offers something for everyone. I rated this book 3 stars because I d rather read a story that continues the whole book instead of short small stories within the book Besides that, It s really interesting short stories I also find that the first one is kind of funny because it explains how he didn t like to write short stories at all, and that he would only type write long descriptive essays stories I also found that him saying that when someone have him an assignment for a short story, it changed the way he wrote So he put that into all these other small stories Each story is consider the next chapter in this book. Never let it be said that Richard Peck is shy about expressing his opinion From the introduction to this short story compilation A short story, like fiction of any length, is about change Even in a handful of pages, the characters can t be the same people in the last paragraph whom we meet in the first If there s no change, there s no story, unless you write fiction for The New Yorker magazine.Yeahhhhh There s good stuff In real life we have epiphanies all the time But we wait for them to go away Change is too hard, and too threatening That s why we have fiction Stories are better than real life, or we wouldn t have themAll stories begin with those same two words What if A story isn t what is It s what if Fiction isn t real life with the names changed It s an alternate reality to reflect the reader s own world But what is a short story not It s not a condensation of a novel, or an unfinished one It s not Cliffs Notes to anything It has its own shape and profile It s not the New York skyline it s a single church spire Its end is much nearer its beginning, and so it can be overlooked One tends to overpraise a long book because one has got through it, said E M Forster a novelist His tongue was in his cheek, but he makes a pointThe short story is much misunderstood There are even aspiring writers who think they ll start out writing short stories and work their way up to the big time novels It doesn t work like that A short story isn t easier than a novel It has so little space to make its mark that it requires the kind of self mutilating editing most new writers aren t capable of It has less time to plead its case.And that s just the introduction.This book really is a masterclass on short stories, from a great author s insights on them to his actual work They re gems It s interesting Peck is fabulous at historical fiction, but he s also really, really good at contemporary Priscilla and the Wimps, which, like he says in his introduction, does end in a bang, is something that I can so clearly see kids with a revenge justice bent loving Then there s I Go Along, which is great, and made even poignant by Peck s concluding note which says he met Gene when he was a teacher, only that Gene didn t get on the bus.And then there are his ghost stories Some of them are fabulous And I love how open ended he leaves them, how much thought they generate as a result And then and then there s the conclusion It s titled How to Write a Short Story It s funny how your brain plays tricks on you I remember this being part of the introduction It s not, but it is still here It s why I reread this book As much as I like the introduction, and the actual stories, it s this section that s stuck with me the longest Specifically this part view spoiler You saw something today that would make a short story I did I was flying back home to New York this afternoon, in the aisle seat We were buckled up for the approach over Manhattan island and that curve across water to LaGuardia Airport How many times have I made that trip with nothing in mind than wanting to get on the ground and in a cab and home Today, I looked aside at the man in the window seat, and he was crying His hand was over his eyes, and his face was wet with tears I looked past him, and we were flying directly over the site of the World Trade Center Its empty footprint.There may be a story in that, someday when I m not so near tears myself If there is, I ll make it as real as I can, with special care about the voices But it won t be anything that actually happened It will have a different shape, a beginning, a middle, an end At the end change will have taken place That s all I know so far Something in the real world jogs or jars, and you tuck it away We write from observation, not experience It s easier to write about other people, maybe because you can see all the way around them, and the backs of their headsYou saw something today too What was it hide spoiler I adore Richard Peck s writing It s readable and perceptive and filled with quirky characters that constantly make me laugh Or, at least, that s what I would have told you before I read this collection of short stories So when I spotted his name on the spine of a book at my library s latest book sale, I snatched it up faster than you could say, snaggletoothed tomcat As expected, there were many hilarious and heartwarming stories that made me so, so happy to have found this little book For example, the whole storyline of I Go Along made me sort of sad and wistful for high school Not in a Oh I miss high school so much way who does , but in a Oh goodness I wish I could go back and re do it and be less wrapped up in myself this time way You never know when something you say could help someone see themselves differently You never know who people can be, or as Gene says, It s weird, like there could be poets around and you wouldn t realize they were there And also as expected there were many characters I fell in love with and wanted to read of their stories Priscilla in Priscilla and the Wimps and Blossom in The Special Powers of Blossom Culp So if you see me reading the somewhat unappealing to me titles of Secrets of the Shopping Mall or The Ghost Belonged to Me anytime soon, now you know why I m already a fan of their protagonists Or, to quote Miss Cartwright, I have hopes for your future, Blossom You will go far in your own peculiar way However, I was not so big on the spooky stories section of the collection They lacked much of the humor, warmth, and thoughtfulness that I expect from Peck s writing and that s really the reason I m torn between three and four stars as far as how to rate this book Obviously, I m not the target audience I don t read stories for the sole purpose of being scared out of my wits never have And if I suddenly decided that I wanted to read something scary for the sake of being scared, I wouldn t pick a ghost story I would just like ONE PERSON to explain to my why ghosts are supposedly so scary What are they going to do Make weird noises Move the curtains Tell me to take revenge on the person that murdered them and stole their throne, which I can then debate during a dramatic monologue I mean, idk None of that sounds very scary to me So, by far, my favorite story in this part of the collection was Shadows, which was less of a story meant to scare you out of your wits and a story about life that happened to have ghosts in it.So, all in all, this is a lovely collection of short stories Excuse me, I need to add another two novels AT LEAST to my ever growing list of books I d like to read in the future. I really enjoyed these short stories by Richard Peck even The ghost stories The last one 3 centuries was a hoot because reading played a big part Plus the author gives lots of good advice on becoming a writer.