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What a great read |Free ♏ Passionate Lessons ⚖ Passionate Lessons is a collection of four stories celebrating the timeless love between womenIn THE PLUNGE, daring poet Judith Blackwell boldly flouts the conventions of th century England in order to pursue the lover of her dreamsIn THE POET S DESCENDANT, a modern day researcher finds herself captivated not only with Judith s poetry, but with a young woman from the current generation of BlackwellsRENS takes us to a women s college, where class is disrupted by attempted murder, and it s up to student reporter Amy Lomax to solve the crime and realize the woman she is falling forFinally, in ECHOES OF SONGS UNSUNG, a librarian intastes forbidden pleasures when she discovers both an intriguing new patron and a long lost volume among the women s history shelves