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I liked this book.I think gordon is,amazing This is a cute, funny children s book about Sidney Weston, who considered himself a master sleuth, and his twin brother, Tom, who spent his life trying to keep him out of trouble I laughed all the way through it. Read it as a kid and loved it It s filled with humor and adventure The plot may be somewhat impossible, but I still think it s funny In fact, I looked online to get my own copy a few years ago, even though it has been out of print for years. Our Man Weston by Gordon Korman 1988 Entertaining kids spy novel It requires some suspension of disbelief, but it made me laugh out loud, and not many books do that. makes me laugh out loud every time Just a MacDonald Hall book with differently named and less interesting characters. Still amusing, but not my favourite stand alone Korman That would be Don t Care High I used to be like Sidney Weston, always looking for mysteries to solve But like most children outside of movies, books, and television, I never found any. `Free ⇴ Our Man Weston ☈ Tom tries to stop his twin brother, a bumbling amateur detective, from tracking down a possible spy at a Canadian resort hotel where the brothers are employed for the summer