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{Free Epub} ⚞ Ohio ⚪ PRAISE FOR OHIO BY STEPHEN MARKLEY Ohiois a descendent of the Dickensian social novel by way of Jonathan Franzen epic fiction that lays bare contemporary culture classes, showing us who we are and how we got hereMarkleys prose is as lively as a bonfire, crackling with incisive detailsMarkleys gift is keeping one eye on these intimate specifics and the other on the expansive landscape of modern American life O MAGAZINE Ohioisnt just a remarkable debut novel, its a wild, angry and devastating masterpiece of a book Markleys debut is a sprawling, beautiful novel that explores the aftermath of the Great Recession and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a powerful look at the tenuous bonds that hold people together at their best and at their worst Ohio is intricately constructed, with gorgeous, fiery writing that pulls the reader in and never lets goR Genuinely absorbing Ohio burns with alienation, nihilism, frustration and finally love for a place that gave birth to all of them WASHINGTON POST Markleys ambitious foray into fiction reunites four high school classmates on a fateful summer night in their Ohio hometown, in what reads like a darker themed epilog to Friday Night LightsMarkleys prose sparkles with insight and supports an intricate narrative architecture that recalls Nathan Hills The Nix and Patrick Somervilles This Bright Riverhighly recommended for all literary collections LIBRARY JOURNAL STARRED REVIEW Reporters have fanned out in search of answers to Middle Americas decline and Trumpist desperation, but Markley is one of the first novelists to fully reflect the social forces at work without sacrificing an iota of character work or narrative tension Drawing on the reunion novel tradition, he brings together four alumni of the same fictional Ohio high school on one momentous evening a decade after graduation, each with their own pattern of escape and returnand their own mission of repentance or retributionLTURE NYMAG Ohio is a thoughtful examination of the neglected corners of a traumatized country and one that will pierce your loyal, loving heart ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY A standout debutMarkleys novel is alternately disturbing and gorgeous, providing a broad view of the anxieties of a post Middle America and the complexities of the humans who navigate them PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Ohio is so rich in complex storytelling and literary excellence that its difficult to believe its a fiction debut PUBLISHERS WEEKLY The characters walk and talk like real, messed up people the author cares about them, and so does the reader The prologue four sections coda structure works because Markley took the time to connect everything in a masterful set of flashbacks and flash forwards that parcel out enough information to make the conclusion both shocking and inevitable Ohiois a big novel about what happened after, the initial euphoria and the long depression that grips us still SEATTLE TIMES Effectively four tart, well turned novellas bundled in a symphonic prologue and epilogueMarkley writes each of these character studies with powerhouse command and painterly detail about socioeconomic distinctionsMarkleys novel is in line with a dark strain of Midwestern fiction that runs from Edgar Lee Masters to Gillian Flynn Its bleakness and style are appealingMINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE Timely and of vital importance, Ohio delves into the spectrum of issues consuming contemporary Americas Rust Belt, exploring topics like joblessness, addiction, terrorism, sexuality, religion and sex, to name a few Markleys disturbing masterpiece reads like the offspring of Harlan Coben, Jonathan Franzen and Hanya Yanagihara an illuminating snapshot of our current era masquerading as a twisted character driven thriller, filled with mordant wit and soul shaking pathos an edifying and unforgettable read that leaves readers breathless BOOKPAGE The kind of book that people rarely attempt to write anyA Big American Novel that seeks to tell us where we live nowE MILLIONS In his bold debut novel, Ohio, Stephen Markley visits the fictional northeastern Ohio town of New Canaan to paint in vivid colors the shattered dreams and stunted lives of young adults removed by roughly a decade from their high school graduation Its an intensely realistic and keenly observed portrait that puts a human face on subjects often obscured by statistics and expert opinion a dark and deeply felt examination of a generation confronting problems that cant be solved quickly or with easeit has earned a place in any conversation about the important role fiction can play in reflecting life back to us when we look squarely in the mirror SHELF AWARENESS Markley is a knockout storyteller, infusing each section with realistic detail, from the drudgery of Walmart work to war to the fleeting ecstasies of drugs to violence, especially self harm KIRKUS REVIEWS Beautifully descriptivean insightful, tragic story BOOKLIST Ohio captures the hacking cough of s poisoned America Markleys dialogue often sums up our national Great Depressionnot economic, but the spiritual frustration of this bitter centurya biting portrayal of Midwest ennui THE DAILY BEAST Stephen Markley is an expert cartographer of the American Rust Belt and the haunted landscapes of his characters interiors A fast moving and devastating debutKAREN RUSSELL, New York Times bestselling author of SwamplandiaOhio is that rarest of unicorns, a novel that swings for the fences, and actually tries to explain just what the fuck happened to this country after the towers fell, and how we got to this awful particular moment Stephen Markley goes for the universe with every single sentence he writesThat the universe answers him as often as it does makes for a hugely impressive first novelARLES BOCK, New York Times bestselling author of Alice Oliver If the American dream has given way to American carnage, then this is the great American novel of its time Stephen Markley is a gifted storyteller who has written a fearless and impressive debutDAVID BEZMOZGIS, author of Natashaand The BetrayersOhio is heartbreaking, frightening, and occasionally, amidst the sorrow and horror, transcendenta novel that casts the clearest possible eye on people haunted by who they used to be and might have become, and a country haunted by the same Stephen Markley is unflinchingVIN BROCKMEIER, author of The IlluminationStephen Markley is an author, screenwriter, and journalist A graduate of the Iowa Writer s Workshop, Markley s previous books include the memoir Publish This Book The Unbelievable True Story of How I Wrote, Sold, and Published This Very Book, and the travelogue Tales of Iceland He lives in Los Angeles