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KINDLE ã Oceanbound à It should have been just another ordinary swim in the ocean for M el n and his sisters Instead, the three mermaids were killed slaughtered before M el n s eyes by humans Forced to endure the neverending pity and compassion of his fellow merfolk, M el n seeks solitude, and returns to the place where his sisters perished But when a moment of weakness leads to his own capture, M el n faces the possibility of reuniting with his kin in the afterlife Convinced that he s going to die, and with nothing left to live for, M el n is stunned by the depth of his feelings toward Caera Geddes, the daughter of his captor With no reason to trust humans, yet unable to resist the enchanting woman who takes care of him, M el n is torn between love and loyalty, lust and suspicion Can a merman with every reason to hate humans fall in love with one And will a human taught to hate demons risk everything for a merman